RLCS 2021-22 Fall Round 3 Favorites, Matches and Betting Analysis

It’s all eyes on the Rocket League Championship Series 2021-22 (RLCS 2021-22) one last time. We’ve witnessed many flashy plays out across all regions. Heading into Round 3, all focus will be on earning enough points to qualify for the upcoming RLCS Fall Major in December. Only a few teams are close for comfort and earned enough points thus far. Coming into the final lot, over 300 matches provide us with ample betting opportunities in November. The final Regional rally starts with the Oceania this week and ends with South America on the 21st.

We will cover all regional events in individual articles, but let’s set some expectations and overarching favorites right now.


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NRG reign supreme

North America knows of one super team that consistently delivered on the Rocket League scene. The General NRG are the favorites coming into Regional Event 3, and likely favored to take the upcoming Major as well. Rankings in the first two weeks panned out in a way that NRG is already secured a spot at the Major, and the final week is just for them to flex at their opponents.

There is also no sign of the squad slowing down any time soon, so consider them your Rocket League betting favorites this upcoming weekend.

Dignitas on a roll

Europe is by far the most flip floppy region in RLCS right now. Between Dignitas, BDS, Endpoint and Vitality anyone could end up on top by the end. Europe currently has four slots at the Major, so a bad placement is bit more forgiving than the minor regions.

Coming into Regional Event 3, Dignitas look like the favorites only due to their consistency. They may not win the final Fall event, but you can expect a top four finish and a Major spot secured. The same can be said for Team BDS who are sharing the same level of consistency.

Imagine a final between Dignitas and BDS to end it all, and settle the European favorite debate ahead of the Major.

Renegades almost locked

Renegades are all set to attend the Major after winning the first two regional events over in Oceania. We don’t expect a massive shift in power in the final week, as both previous weeks held almost identical results. Renegades wins, followed by Ground Zero Gaming, Dire Wolves and R!OT. Unless something radical happens Renegades is secured a spot at the Major. Between the remaining three, Ground Zero are the only squad that can best Renegades and are the closest to securing their spot.

When it comes to betting, do not go all out on Renegades in the Swiss stage. They tend to start each week slow and ramp up as the bracket stage commences.

FURIA Esports still favored

The South American black panthers are fierce, unforgiving and most importantly, a victorious beast. FURIA carries the weight of their accomplishments as they dive into their third regional event. They won the first regional event, and fifth last week. FURIA’s latest addition, Yan “yanxnz” Xisto Nolasco is the talk of the town as he will make or break the team in the final week.

With only two spots coming out of South America, its a battle against eRa Eternity and Noble Esports with FURIA needing to place better than at least one to secure their spot. Bettors can easily go for the cat winning throughout the bracket all the way to the finals.