RLCS EU 2021-22 – Super 16 set to finalize Spring Major participants

European Rocket League, frankly it’s not their best run at the Winter Split Major, besides the oddball Team Queso. Queso was the only European team to stand out by making their way into the grand finals, falling just short to G2 Esports.

As we head into our final Regional Event for RLCS (2021-22) Spring, here’s a drill down into the notable candidates.


RLCS Spring Europe Regional Event 3 Format and Teams

We are already this deep into the RLCS, so expect the familiar double-elimination bracket. Upper bracket matches are best-of-five, except for semifinals and finals being best-of-seven. Whereas lower bracket matches are also best-of-five, except for Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals.

Teams can earn as much as 401 RLCS points, which will be cumulated on the RLCS Europe Ranking. Considering this is the last chance for many teams to secure the top-five finishes, a lot is at stake here besides the prize winnings.

RLCS 2021-22 – Spring: Europe Regional Event 3 Bracket

The participants consist of notable powerhouses, such as Team BDS, Moist Esports (formerly Team Queso), Dignitas, Endpoint CeX, SMPR Esports, Evil Geniuses, Karmine Corp, and Team Vitality as Point Ranking qualifiers. The other eight are Guild Esports, Solary, Juicers, Team Liquid, GROS NOOBZ, Misfits Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, and Aogiri.

Confirmed for Spring Major

Two teams stand out when we consider the top seeds of Europe. Notably, Team BDS is an all-time favorite as a major-winning team.

However, a recent rising star, Moist Esports is also at the top of their game since the Winter Major. The wild card team pulled off an underdog run and managed to play in the grand finals. It’s a massive feat for Queso when we take into account the other powerful opponents from America, such as Spacestation Gaming, FaZe Clan, and Version1 which occupied the top slots.

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be an insightful commentary without comparing the two pillars of Europe themselves. BDS is arguably a refined team, which often delivers on its performance. Even after flopping the Winter Major, BDS quickly regained its dominance in RLCS Spring Europe by winning first in the previous regional events twice.

While their overwhelming dominance is a spectacular sight, Moist Esports gained a massive fanbase for their respectable major performance. Even so, Moist Esports is not as consistent as BDS in their regional event per se. They weren’t second to only BDS in this arms race but also fell short to other candidates, such as Karmine and Team Liquid.

A new candidate joins the fray

Team Liquid is a well-known powerhouse in many Esports genres, however, it’s the team’s first regional event this time around. Despite their unimpressive background, Liquid managed to pull off a runner-up finish at the previous Regional Event.

As Liquid heads into the RLCS Spring Europe Regional Event 3 once more, they are recently proclaimed the titan killer. Unfortunately, Liquid is too late at participating in RLCS because the point gap between Liquid and other selections is wide.

Most hopefuls have an average of 1780 points, hence Liquid is way out of question for contesting at the Spring Major. Anyhow, Team Liquid’s debut is a step in the right direction, not so much for the other candidates, who are eagerly hoping to secure their last ounce of points.

The Spring Major European Hopefuls

As things stand, there are only three remaining slots left for Europe, but the competition is still very wide. As many as six teams could occupy the three slots due to their small margins among themselves.

That said, Dignitas and Endpoint CeX have much more points to set themselves apart from the others. Meanwhile, it’s anybody’s guess between SMPR Esports, Evil Geniuses, Karmine Corp and Team Vitality, to secure the last spot available.

For one, Dignitas’ consistent performance since the first season’s regional event is a testament to Dignitas’ potential. The same can be said for Endpoint CeX, even if they aren’t the most impressive powerhouse to perform in the majors.

Now then, we are really going on a long shot here when considering which teams may secure the top-five finishes and play at the Spring Major. The assumption is that if teams with lesser yet still contestable points, such as Vitality or Karmine Corp could win the regional event, it will be a massive boost in their cumulative points, just enough to land them a spot among the top five.

Anyhow, the RLCS 2021-22 – Spring Europe Regional Event 3 is already on its way, so catch the action on the Rocket League Twitch channel.