RNG vs EDG Match Preview – LoL Worlds 2021 Odds & Predictions

With LoL Worlds 2021 entering the Knockout Stage, we will be looking at the battle between the Chinese giants: RNG vs EDG. Let’s see what they’ve done so far and what we can expect in this series.

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RNG vs EDG LoL Worlds Odds

RNG at Worlds 2021

RNG went to Iceland as the 3rd seed from the LPL. Following a Summer Split below expectations, RNG managed to get to Worlds 2021 thanks to the championship points earned during the first part of the year.

Ending up in Group C. RNG was able to finish first in the standings thanks to a tie-breaker won against Hanwha Life Esports. Their performance at Worlds 2021, however, wasn’t perfect. Their losses against Fnatic and HLE in the second round robin almost compromised their first place.

The big advantage that this roster has compared to many other teams in the tournament is the carry potential of their side lanes. Both Xiaohu and GALA are given the resources needed to get ahead. This is thanks to their mid laner Crying who coordinates with his jungler to make cross-map plays. Their strength, though, can become their greatest weakness. When Crying starts to struggle or is unable to make the roams, RNG needs to rely on their teamfighting to win… and it’s not always clean. EDG must target Crying or match RNG in their coordination if they want to win.

Nevertheless, now that FunPlusPhoenix were eliminated surprisingly in groups, it will be up to RNG and EDG to try to take the fight to the LCK.

EDG performed slightly below expectations

Contrary to RNG, EDG won the LPL 2021 Summer Split and came into Worlds as the first seed. Technically in an easier group compared to RNG, EDG was expected to dominate everyone else and finish first. Well, that did not happen. During the crucial last game to match LCK team T1 in the standings, EDG dropped the ball against 100Thieves. That loss forced EDG to close in 2nd place, as they would face the “stronger” first seeds.

Nonetheless, it feels like EDG hid a little bit during Groups Stage. While they did draft similarly in terms of team composition, their resources were put a lot more to their top laner Flandre. By playing damage carries like Graves or Jayce, he was responsible for the team’s damage output: 30.1%. Usually, those numbers were achieved by the ADC Viper, who instead “only” dealt 24.2% of the whole team’s damage. We will see if EDG will want to stick with this or revert back to their more comfortable playstyle. Anyway, the top lane will be a battle between two of the best top laners in the LPL: make sure to not miss this series.

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RNG vs EDG Match Predictions & Odds

The recent group stages have shuffled the expectations quite heavily and the LoL Worlds odds (according to GG.BET) are also a lot closer. Despite the lower probability of winning by bookmakers, my predictions are going to be in RNG’s favor (1.92x). If you want to bet on the overall score, I reckon that a 3-1 for RNG is the likely scenario (4.6x), although I could definitely see them go to Silver Scrapes. (4.93x)

I personally think that RNG’s peaks are a lot higher than EDG’s. If they are able to play the map they want to, it will be hard for EDG to find a way to counter it. While EDG relies on their support to roam on the map, RNG prefers to let his mid laner sacrifice his laning to help.

In terms of mid-game skirmishes and teamfights, RNG should have the upper hand. Expect the First Blood to go to RNG (1.78x) as they’ve shown to be more comfortable during the early game. Both teams don’t usually prioritize the first drake, but it should still go into RNG (1.72x). Due to how EDG have played in groups, they’ve shown a lot of attention towards the Rift Herald: we expect them to do the same in this series (1.64x) if they plan on playing around Flandre.

To close our preview, it’s definitely worth trying to go over on total kills. LPL games are always bloodbaths so you can go for an over-27.5 (1.97x) very easily to farm extra cash.