Road to Final – eChampions League 2022 Group Stage has ended

FIFA Esports’ one of the most important tournaments, eChampions League 2022, put an end to its group stage. Starting on February 19, the group stage featured 64 top-rated players of FIFA 22 world.

FIFA players all around Europe competed with each other to take part in the other step of the event. The successful 64 players have been put into two separate groups, Central & Easters Europe and Western Europe, based on their homeland.

Road to Final - eChampions League 2022 Group Stage has ended

As usual, the group stage featured the Swiss Stage format in which contenders played five games in total. After five games, players with three or more losses were eliminated from the tournament, while other ones continued to the knockout stage.

The eChampions League 2022 Group Stage delivered plenty upsets

Some of the big names of the FIFA scene got upset in the tournament. FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 winner Mohammad “MoAuba” Harkous had to bid an early farewell with his 1-3 record. Another prominent name, Tricked Esports’ Alen “Arrow” Barakovic, was so close to qualify for the knockout stage with his 2-3 record, but he left the tournament with an empty hand too.

Only two names finished the group stage without a single loss. Team BDS’ Diogo “DPeixoto7” Peixoto dominated his rivals and got the first place in Western Europe group, while Giovhy from Unione Calcio Sampdroia led Central & Easters Europe with five victories.

FIFA scene’s one of the most known names, Fnatic’s Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt, was among those players who qualified for the group stage. Fnatic’s other player Diogo “ Diogo” Mendes had a better record than his teammates, finishing the stage with 4-1 and grabbing a seat in the knockout stage.

Featuring 32 players, eChampions League Knockout Stage will be played between 23-24 April. After the competition, the top eight players will qualify for the finals, which will take place on May 27, and clash with each other for the $225,000 prize pool. BLAST Premier recently became FIFA’s official production partner, and you can expect a real show and an interesting broadcast coming our ways next month.

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