BLAST enters FIFA Esports as production partner for ePremier League

The tournament organizer BLAST made their name in CSGO, but lately, they’ve expanded out to games like Fortnite and Apex Legends too. It seems like they’re about to add FIFA to this stable of titles though for the final stretch of the ePremier League.

BLAST will be producing the 2021/22 ePremier League Playoffs and Finals bringing the top-flight action in FIFA to fans. They are taking over the organization this year. However, this isn’t just a changing of the guard. BLAST is bringing a few new elements to the ePremier League along with a new format to spice things up for FIFA esports.

ePremier League BLAST

BLAST ePremier League 2021/22

The ePremier League is one of the biggest FIFA esports events around. It’s organized by EA, the makers of FIFA, and the Premier League. This is the highest tier in English football with only the top 20 teams in the competition. Each of those 20 teams from the actual premier League fields a team in the ePremier League.

The teams at the ePremier League are playing across PS5 and Xbox Series X. They compete for a share of the 100,000-prize pool that’s on offer.

BLAST will be bringing some unique aspects to their version of the ePemier League. Specifically, they’ll be planning an ‘elevated live event experience’ which should get football fans a little more involved in esports. The new online format will also make a big change from what’s been standard in the ePremier League lately.

BLAST ePremier League Format

The format of the BLAST ePremier League is going to be a bit different from previous incarnations. Players will be able to register to compete for a place in the tournament through online opens. These will be held on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This first stage will narrow down the competitors and find which team’s fans have the best skills in esports.

The tournament will culminate March 26-27th. The two best players for each team will fight it out over this event, to find which team is the best in the league.

The new format for the ePremier League should help to engage fans of teams. If it comes with a decent experience for those watching as promised by BLAST, this looks like a big improvement for the game.

FIFA ePremierLeague Format

FIFA Esports and FIFA 22’ Global Series

This new development for FIFA esports comes just a year after EA made huge changes to its esports roadmap for FIFA. The ePremier League is part of the wider FIFA 22’ Global Series, bringing international teams together if they’ve managed to succeed at the national level. That’s alongside some community-focused tournaments for women.

FIFA fans have a lot to look forward to with the launch of the ePremier League. Featuring the top teams from the highest EFL division, things are going to be tense if you’re calling a favorite for FIFA Betting. We’ll have to see closer to the time how this new experience for the ePremier League will affect things.

It’s good that we finally get some serious competition in FIFA across the board. It should definitely increase the “casuals” interest in picking this title up in a competitive setting.