Rocket League Esports Resurgence – 100Thieves and Cloud9 Rumours

Rocket League has had its opens and down as far as esports go. While the game has always had a decently sized community, it has contracted quite a bit at times too. Since the title has become free-to-play though, it has definitely bounced back.  The game going to free-to-play it has brought back a big userbase, and it looks like some teams might be following this There are a couple of major teams that look set to re-enter Rocket League esports in coming events. So why is there a Rocket League esports resurgence going on?

C9 100T Rocket League Esports

Teams re-considering Rocket League Esports

Two of the world’s most famous esports organizations are looking back at Rocket League right now. While the game has plenty of squads and orgs that have never left the game, why is now the time that players are looking to jump back in?

Rocket League is having a bit of a moment. This might be down to the changes to how the game’s organized in recent years or even nostalgia, but interest is definitely peaking again. If these teams get their squads back together, it might be in time to take part in Rocket League LAN too rather than online play.


The co-owner of 100 Thieves has recently been expressing his interest in the team re-entering Rocket League esports. Jack Dunlop also goes by CouRage, is the co-founder of 100 Thieves, who has become one of the biggest names in esports. The organization operates teams in loads of different games: Apex Legends, Call of Duty, LoL, Valorant, and Fortnite. He was recently raiding the idea of going into streaming Rocket League. He did end up joining the game for a stream, playing with pros and content creators. He sent some follow-up tweets, eventually expressing this about 100Thieves and Rocket League:

Tweeting this out:

His tweet calling this out pulled in a lot of attention from the esports community. While this is a good way to promote things, it could be a sign that 100 Thieves is heading into Rocket League esports. While Rocket League is a big scene with a lot of teams, there is still a lot of room for growth in the game. There aren’t too many big-name rosters currently active, and 100Thieves joining the game would be a clear sign of a Rocket League esports resurgence.

Cloud9’s Potential Rocket League Return

Cloud9 is another esports org that doesn’t currently have a Rocket League team. Unlike 100Thieves though, they’re not a stranger to this game. They got as far as being crowned World Champions in Season 6 of the game. Although, they haven’t made a move since they released their roster back in June 2020. It now looks like Cloud9 might finally be returning to the world of Rocket League esports.

Previously, Cloud9 roster had been a big pretty big deal in esports. However, Cloud9 separating and dropping the team didn’t exactly go over well. It wasn’t the most dignified way for a team with so many big wins in Rocket League to leave the game.

Despite how it ended last time around, it looks like Cloud9 might be finally returning to the Rocket League community. They recently signed on a coach for the game, and there are rumours that they’re after a few payers too. The ending team has a lot to live up to, but Cloud9’s return would be a great way to liven up the scene for Rocket League esports.

Rocket League could once again claim its spot as one of the biggest esports in the A-Tier of the gaming world. These teams could be some of the top squads in the game, so if you’re looking at Rocket League betting keep an eye on how new orgs are forming in the game.