Oxygen Esports dominates the Rocket League G1 Invitational

Oxygen Esports dropped only three maps on their path to the G1 Invitational Trophy. A full upper bracket run, saw them dispatch Tundra, BDS and Soniqs twice to claim $5k from the prize pool.

Oxygen Esports

OXG makes a statement before Winter Split

OXG truly looks like a top three team in EU right now, especially after a dominant showcase versus BDS in the second round. Archie and rise. are among the best Rocket League players for a reason. Every single match was a showcase of skill and finesse.

Soniqs really did their best in both the Upper Bracket Final and Grand Final, but Rise. was just too good overall and made the entire showcase reel.

Looking ahead, OXG does look like a top three team in EU for the upcoming season. Granted we didn’t have KCorp and Vitality present, so we cant really do a full analysis of their form, but the addition of Finlay “rise.” Ferguson has really changed how OXG looks as a team.

The Winter Open is less then a week away, and you should keep a lookout for OXG in the opening days. We might be in for a treat.

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