SC2 World Team League 2022 Winter Split – Regular Season Update

StarCraft 2 is in the midst of a pretty tournament, the World Team League 2022 Winter Split. The WTL is an online tournament hosted by SCBoy. Across Summer and Winter, it has regular action with some of the top StarCraft 2 players and teams. The event feature 12 of the top teams in China, with the winner taking the title of World Team League Champions.

The World Team League is divided between Summer and Winter splits. We’re part way into the Winter split at the moment. This is how it’s going so far, and which teams to watch out for.

Clem SC2

Clément “Clem” Desplanches with the best SC2 player photo ever taken

World Team League 2022 Winter

The SC2 World Team League 2022 Winter split is organized into a system of both a group stage and a playoff. This event runs from September through to mid-January, spanning more than just the winter! Making it one of the longer tournaments. The event features a large prize pool to go along with that run time.

Things start off with a group stage. This is played in a pro league tournament format. There are 3 sets to each match, with best of 2 in play. Players gain 3 points on the leaderboard for a normal win, 2 if it goes to an ace match tiebreaker, and 1 for a loss on an ace match.

The top teams at the end of that stage head directly into the playoffs. This stage sees a King of the Hill style bracket. It’s held in a WTL Format. Each team gets one map ban. This style of bracket is a fun twist on things. The top-placing player in the group stage enters the bracket in the very final match. The second to top players enter in the semis, and so on for the preceding 4 rounds.

This means the top teams only have to play a few times and don’t have to face the others at the top outside of the final. This system means there’s a lot of reward for where you land in the group stage.

Winter Split So Far 

The Winter Split is around a month in already. While we’re not quite at the climactic action of the finals, there’s already been seen some tense matches. If you’re looking at StarCraft 2 betting, there are already a few teams which have risen to the top of the pack.

The standout team so far has been Alpha X. They currently sit on top of the standings, with a clean 4-0 wins. Onsyde Gaming has also had a clean run at 4-0, but they don’t have the same points thanks to ace wins. Alpha X only took third in the regular season back at the Summer split, and lost out in the quarterfinals. However, with this split they do seem to be on top.

Some tighter matchups for Alpha X are coming up which could change things for their run. They’re facing KaiZi soon, but it’s November’s matches that are getting harder. Here they’re going up against last split’s winner, Dragon Phoenix Gaming.

Last split’s winner Dragon Phoenix Gaming is bringing up the top group in third. They’ve dropped a game so far. While they haven’t fared as well this time, they’re going to be a tough match for Alpha.

Onsyde Gaming has some easier matchups on the horizon too. They’ve got TeamLiquid and Invictus Gaming before that. Invictus has only won one game so far, so this is looking like an easy opportunity to grab more points for Onsyde. These matches could be enough to push them into first place in the standings.

Those are three of the top teams to look at with the StarCraft League Winter so far. There are still quite a few weeks of matches to go before it concludes. Keep an eye on the matches to see how the standings develop and if Alpha X can go all the way.