Sentinels with easy path through VCT NA S2 Challengers Playoffs

The final four slots for the VCT Challenger Finals are to be determined this weekend in the North American VCT series. With Europe almost a week ahead in their schedule, there is plenty of high profile matches to watch and bet on Valorant this weekend.

Sentinels are the North American powerhouse everyone is looking towards. The team lost out on securing their spot the first time around, but after acquiring TenZ they are almost guaranteed to nail it this time around.

Four opening matches will set the bracket in motion, and we are here to give you our analysis and predictions for each of the four openers.

Sentinels Zombs

Jared “zombs” Gitlin

Cloud9 vs T1

First up, we have C9 and T1 in a repeat match from their Stage 1 qualifiers. The last time both teams met, T1 took the series 2:0 with a relatively close (13:10) result. Plenty has changed since, with C9 releasing both Skyler “Relyks” Weaver and Daniel “vice” Kim and promoting two CSGO players (Xeppaa, floppy) to the Valorant roster.

This new C9 roster is untested and we have almost no official matches to draw conclusions from. The first official match for the roster will be against T1, and while potentially stronger aim wise, c9 will still struggle to build synergy on such short notice.

Therefore, I’ll call it 2:0 for T1. You can expect x2.65 return on your investment, for a singles bet over at

Andbox vs Sentinles

There isn’t much to be said or analyzed about our second matchup. Sentinels are the clear favorites in all categories, and having TenZ on board for the rest of the event is a big help. Andbox have been swapping players around and have just concluded trialing out their new roster.

We expect a clean 2:0 from Sentinels here, and even if we go for a correct score prediction, we are still looking at x1.39 return on our investment. This match is only good for an accumulator betslip.

TSM vs Immortals

The third match is a real doozy, especially when looking at the performance of both teams in the past month. TSM is riding a wave of success they had in 2020, but have hardly managed to perform well this spring. Immortals on the other hand have struggled throughout the existence of the roster, but their more recent matches against Andbox and XSET give a good feeling about the direction the team is heading.

Pound for pound, TSM is the favorite here even taking into account their recent loss to Immortals only 2 weeks ago. Valorant betting wise, its better to go for a total map score guess than guessing the winner. It is likely this series will go for the full 3 maps, and you can expect x1.87 in return.

Built by Gamers vs NRG

Finally, BBG and NRG is the match with the wildest prediction of the four presented. Odds overwhelmingly favor NRG across all esports betting sites, yet we are going against the grain and predicting a BBG win here. Both teams are not performing too great as of late, but after seeing Built by Gamers shine against Sentinels and Beastcoast recently, we have to give them more then favorable odds in winning against NRG.

A bet on BBG winning would net you x3.13 return on your investment. Ideal for a singles bet or potentially this wild accumulator betslip we have created.

Cloud9 vs T1T1 to win 0:2@ 2.65
Andbox vs SentinlesSentinles to win 0:2@ 1.39
TSM vs ImmortalsTotal Maps over 2.5@ 1.87
Built by Gamers vs NRGBuilt by Gamers to win@ 3.13

In total you can expect a return of 102$ for a simple 5$ bet. Not a bad haul for a simple 4-fold betslip.

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