TenZ makes Sentinels even scarier for Valorant Champions Tour

The Valorant Champions Tour is soon to kick off, bringing about a new phase for the game’s competitive scene. Sentinels has had a last minute roster problem though. Following some controversies this week, Sinatraa has been removed from the team and suspended from the game as a whole. He’s left an open slot in their team, to be filled in the short term by a stand in.

Looking forward though, Sentinels might have found a replacement in TenZ. While an impressive streamer, TenZ never quite made an impression playing competitively. Will a stint with Sentinels change that?

TenZ Joins Sentinels

TenZ has been a big figure in Valorant since its very early days. He was the first player to reach the Radiant rank in the game’s Beta, and a top player in the early days of the game. Despite this initial success, he never quite achieved much in the esports side of things. He initially signed for Cloud9, but eventually dropped out of their roster in January. Since then, he’s been with the team as a content creator rather than an active pro player.

TenZ’s early results faded a little as Valorant became a bigger game. With that extra attention, came a lot more competitive players. TenZ didn’t quite keep up.

However, slotting into one of the best teams around in Valorant could change all that. This signing could help Sentinels not miss a beat despite losing a player, and help TenZ realize his potential in competitive Valorant. Some analysts say they might even be better off this way.

Sentinels have been left with a bit of a hole in their roster thanks to recent events. Their current roster boasts some impressive players, like ShahZam and zombs, and a last minute roster change is less than perfect for the team.

However, TenZ is considered one of the best 1-on-1 fraggers on the scene. Dueling him in a non-crossfire non-re-peek scenario is a grave mistake, and many teams might let him run around and frag out while Sentinels just orbits around him and enables him. After all, they’ve been putting in great performances and taking first or second place at the majority of recent tournaments they’ve attended.

Give Sentinels the benefit of the doubt if you are looking into Valorant betting. Esports bookmakers might give them lower odds then usual due to the roster swap, and there’s good money to be made in that poor decision.

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