Shrapnel Blockchain Game Reveals Its Trailer made with Unreal Engine 5

Shrapnel has just dropped its much anticipated game trailer, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for all the right reasons.

This new triple A game will revolutionise first person shooters and what better way to do so than via the much loved blockchain.

What is Shrapnel blockchain game?

As stated above this new game is a first person shooter, however it comes with a twist. Game developers releasing games with web3 in mind are giving full ownership of not only in-game assets, but also the game itself.

Shrapnel follows a very immersive story. Planet Earth experiences changes no one could have predicted as an asteroid makes contact with the moon, causing Earth’s makeup to be changed from what was considered the norm. As the situation is set in place, the playing field is split as different groups battle it out with one another, extracting newfound materials in the so-called “Sacrifice Zone” or “The Zone” for short.


Image Credits | Shrapnel

These materials are able to shift physics and alter reality making them highly valuable. They are known to be “Shrapnel”.

Players join Mercenary Extraction Forces, battling it out with other players to see who makes it out on top.

There are an array of character classes that have interchangeable components. These ultimately create different play styles and approaches to combat making every battle somewhat different from the last.

Players will be able to mod this game, enhancing the gameplay to best suit themselves whilst also creating exciting situations with the change in mechanics.

It must be noted also that Shrapnel is a multiplayer only game, so we recommend upon its release to get a party of friends/users together. Doing so will allow you to really optimise the full experience the Shrapnel development have set out to achieve for users!

Powered by gaming powerhouses

The trailer released for the Shrapnel blockchain game has been brought forward to us by Epic Games, via their Unreal Engine 5 developer technology.

Overall the feel and presentation for this game looks high class as the realism and emotion is portrayed through the characters and the environments they find themselves in.

Plastic Wax, an Australian based game development company have joined forces with Epic Games to bring forward the games animations.

They have worked on previous games such as Fortnite and Hitman, so we’re in safe hands!

There’s more…

The trailer was produced and directed by Jerry O’Flaherty who’s most notable work comes in the form of the world renowned shooter, Gears Of War which had major popularity at the start of the Xbox 360’s lifespan.

Shrapnel CEO, Mark Long, had this to say about the recent trailer release…

“Producing this trailer was one of the most awesome creative collaborations I’ve ever had. This was my third time working with Jerry O’Flaherty. Like everyone on the team, Jerry is an expert in the cinematic application of Unreal Engine, and Jerry knew how to get the kind of ‘you are there’ immediacy of a handheld virtual camera that the script demanded.

The team at Plastic Wax directed a brilliant pair of stunt actors for MOCAP and the creative director there, Nathan Maddams, brought the script to life in a way I never imagined possible. Alan Rankin has a passion for foley that produced an authentic sound design that really sells the action. And Jesper Kyd knocked the score out of the park on the first try. There’s an easter egg with artwork by a Shrapnel community member on a billboard that was fun to slip in. And you’ll notice that the trailer switches to first-person at the end – inviting players to jump in, symbolically. I love everything about this trailer!”

Full in-game ownership

Games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite have really mastered the whole, in-game collectible schtick. With gamers putting their own money and time into possessing different abilities, items and skins to enhance their time playing their favourite games.

Shrapnel takes this concept one step further by giving gamers ultimate ownership over their assets. Furthermore, giving them real world value through allowing them to be sold and exchanged with gamers, by gamers.

Doing this will create an economy within Shrapnel pushing the game’s lifespan into new directions traditional gaming mechanics would not have been able to achieve.

And there we have it! Be sure to check out the official release trailer to find out more about this up and coming crypto shooter. This one will remain on our radar for the future months to come, so be rest assured we will update you on any breaking news related to this title.

Happy gaming!