Six exciting duos to watch at FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Europe Finals

Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) for Chapter 3 Season 3 is well underway. In fact, right now, all that’s left for competitors still remaining is each region’s Grand Finals. With Chapter 3 Season 3 more than halfway over, the competitive scene is reaching its climax.

There are tons of great teams in each region. First place in Europe will grab a whopping $300,000, while second takes $200,000 and third gets $150,000. Fourth will get $120,000 and the rest is spread to the other teams. Every team is guaranteed at least $1,500.

MrSavage FNCS

Source: Become Legends

All 50 duos that have made it this far are good, but some are counted among the best Fortnite players right now. However, not every team is going to win, but all are going to play really well. Here are some of the teams to keep an eye on during the Grand Finals.

Duos to watch in FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Europe Finals

Right now, Adn and Hardfind, a duo out of the United Kingdom, are among the hottest teams in Fortnite. Through the Semi-Finals, they earned first place with 1,039 points. Anything can happen in the Finals, but this duo has to be a favorite for the top spot.

Flox and Robban, a Swedish duo, were the top points-earners from the Semi-Finals with 1,169 points. They cruised into the Grand Finals and are one of the most tantalizing duos in Fortnite right now. They may not win it all, but they’re looking and have a good chance to earn quite a bit of money in a couple of weeks.

Hen and MrSavage are two of the most popular Fortnite creators right now. MrSavage shocked the world a few years ago with an incredible victory and he’ll certainly be looking to follow that up and take home the prize money. His partner Hen is a routine winner, too, so this duo is not one to be taken lightly.

More duos to check out in FNCS

Vortex and Hycr1s were among best performing duos in qualifiers, and should be worthy of attention after their recent performances. The Europe field is stacked, but this duo remains one of the most interesting out there.

Finally, the Polish duo of Kombel and Blacha, secured their spot in the finals with a second place finish in the last round. Meanwhile, Vanyak3kk is from Ukraine and his partner, Karmy from Estonia blazed through the Semi-Finals with just over 1,100 points. That was the second most points earned across the Semi-Finals, so they should not be underestimated during the Grand Finals.

There are several interesting duos participating in this season’s Europe Grand Finals and everyone deserves attention. However, these are the ones to watch for incredible plays, highlight reel finishes and the chance at victory.