FNCS Qualifiers: Who’s placing where and best performers right now

The Fortnite Championship Series, a.k.a. FNCS, for Chapter 3 Season 3 is well underway, with the first two qualifiers having ended and another one coming soon. The event kicked off and will continue until July 18 when the qualifiers are completed. The finals for this season’s championship series will end on August 14.

Anything can happen over the rest of the tournament, but it’s important to get off to a good start and these teams and players have. Some of the best Fortnite players are performing well from the get go, and we see plenty of the usual suspects earn points early.

FNCS 2022 S3C3

Placement in FNCS Qualifiers right now


In Europe, the top spot is held by Tayson and Chapix. They have currently amassed 201 FNCS points, according to Fortnite-Esports Wiki. Close behind them is the duo of Trulex and Chico, who have 187. In the third spot, Queasy and Veno have 173 points right now. They’re barely ahead of the fourth duo, Merstachhh and Malibuca.

North America East

In the NA East Region, the top duo currently has 186 points. That team is comprised of Kwanti and Pxlarized. They have a sizeable lead, but Khanada and Ajerss have 169 points for second spot in the leaderboard. Finally, the third place duo, made up of Meto and Bugha, has 161 points. They are tied with fourth place contenders Cold and Cented.

Ajerss and Khanada hope to take first place

Ajerss and Khanada hope to take first place

North America West

In NA West, Kewl and Yumi reign supreme. They have 173 points, which is 20 ahead of second place owners keto and Rasso. Third through tenth is separated by just five points, so it’s anyone’s game. Right now, KadenOX and Chris have 146 points.


In Brazil, the leaders are Pacheco and Vitinho, who currently have 172 points amassed. Phzin and Kitos are right behind them with 164. Guneves and Barroso are in third and have 154 points. However, they have edged out Insano and LORD for third by just three points.

FNCS player



In Asia, the current leaders have a whopping 201 points. That duo is comprised of Vall and Michael. They have quite the lead on the rest of the Asian leaderboard. Second place, Fleek Zagou and Merem, have just 178 points. Finally, Rainy and Albedo are in third by a margin of 20.


In Oceania, the leaders also have 201, which is a stellar total. However, they are trailed closely by the second place duo. Pumpkin and apolox have amassed 194 points thus far. Finally, Anon and misty, who are at 188 points, hold the third spot. Additionally, they lead fourth place by 15 points.

Middle East

Finally, in the Middle East, one FNCS duo has more points than any other duo across all regions. A7MD and Escdark have 204 points. Unit and P5EK are firmly in second with 185. Third and fourth are separated by a much smaller margin of three. QnDx and Njby are the current owners of that spot with 149.

Each region is competing for different sums of money:

  • Europe: $1,350,000
  • North America East: $690,000
  • Brazil: $240,000
  • North America West: $240,000
  • Asia: $240,000
  • Middle East: $120,000
  • Oceania: $120,000

Those who make the FNCS finals have the opportunity to take home a lot of cash.