Bugha and Mero back in the spotlight after back to back win – FNCS Chapter 3 Finals

The first major competitive event for Chapter 3 has just concluded this week, as the FNCS Chapter 3 Finals played out. The batch of games was an impressive demonstration of how technical and high-skill the game has begun in recent seasons. The new map, item pool, and season’s mythics contributed to some of the best gameplay we’ve seen in competitive Fortnite.

What’s probably the biggest news is Bugha and Mero‘s back-to-back win, but across all regions, there were plenty of surprises in the game for this year’s tournaments.

Bugha FNCs

Kyle Giersdorf / Sentinels

FNCS Chapter 3 Finals Recap

The FNCS is definitely the highest tier of events for the game. This latest FNCS has been a fun one, given the differences with a brand-new chapter of the game. Features like sliding and the current mythics have given fantastic mobility. The spray meta has mixed up gameplay and changed the way high-level Fortnite looks. That’s part of what’s made this most recent FNCS so exciting. With all this change, it is in a way surprising that two players have managed back-to-back wins here:

Bugha and Mero’s Win

Bugha first shot to fame when he won the Fortnite World Cup, but his performance dipped a bit from there. However, the player and his partner Mero have proved anyone who thought he peaked wrong in recent months. The NA East region of the FNCS Chapter 3 saw Bugha win his second FNCS, right after the Grand Royale to cap off Chapter 2. The player is currently on an insane run.

He and Mero had to drop a player to move out to the Trio format, but two have maintained their top spot in their region. While there were a lot of great players in this region’s matches, they definitely stood out across events.

If you asked me a year ago if Bugha will make a strong resurgence in the Fortnite scene, I’d call you crazy. But here we are, the 2019 champion still dominates the scene, and 2022 is looking once again like the year of Bugha.

FNCS Chapter 3 Finals in Other Regions

Over in Europe, Hen and Queasy took home the top spot. They beat out Kiryache and Stormyrite in second, with TaySon and Th0mhasHD coming in third place. That last team had some of the more solid results in recent seasons, so this is a good pull from Hen and Queasy. It’s good to see our best Fortnite players rankings are standing strong.

In Asia, Runa and XL2R2 took home first place, FKS and Bleed in the Middle East, along with Basil and Jace in Oceania. While we’ve mainly highlighted those with a strong narrative going into the tournament, every region had impressive gameplay on display.

This newest FNCS wasn’t just a test for Season 3, it also had a bit of a different format. Things were condensed and a new rule was in play. A team could end early by hitting 500 points and getting 3 Victory Royales. One region came close to this kicking in, with Basil and Jace who won in OCE and got 3 Victory Royales but failed to get enough points. It looks like the rule won’t come into play unless someone completely hammers the lobby though.

It does look like these new changes were a success. The condescended format didn’t do much to dampen excitement and there was still plenty of hype around. The game’s current balance has been a lot of fun and that’s reflected in how the FNCS Chapter 3 went this year. Now, we’ve just got to wait and see what the next chapter has in store for us.