Fortnite Champion Series returns this week – FNCS Chapter 3

The FNCS is the premier event for Fortnite. It is the highlight of each season, with an open format that lets all players compete. However, the competition will whittle things down to the best Fortnite players. It has been a little while since the last FNCS, after a chapter break and major changes for the game. The FNCS Chapter 3 is returning this week. It’s got a bit of a different format this time around with Duos.

Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3

FNCS Chapter 3 Overview

The Fortnite champion Series 2022 will be kicking off with this Chapter 3 Season 1 event. The tournament is going to have a prize pool of over $3 million. This is pretty impressive even for Fortnite’s big prize pools. It’s officially starting off February 17th.

The FNCS Chapter 3 is going to have a slightly different format. It is returning to Duos. In the past, Trios have been the main format for the FNCS. This time around teams will be playing in Duos, a more classic format for competitive Fortnite.

Things start off with the qualifiers over February 17-18 and 19-20. Open qualifiers that give a wide range of players the chance to compete. The top eight teams from this round will advance directly to the FNCS finals.

The Semi-finals are the next stage for the event. These have a bit of a different focus, with a new mechanic for Victory Royales progressing. Teams who hope to advance through the Semi-Finals will have to get a Victory Royale or be in the top six for consistency. This puts a lot of focus on the top placement slot. The top 6 for consistency and five with a Victory Royale will move forward from this round.

The final week of the FNCS Chapter 3 is going to be the finals. This is a two-day event to crown the top team in the game for the season.  The total prize pool is going to vary depending on which region you’re in. This is how it breaks down:

  • EU – $1,362,500
  • NAE – $637,000
  • BR – $418,000
  • Asia – $145,000
  • ME – $114,000
  • QCE – $92,000

Fortnite Chapter 3 Esports

While there have been more community events, this is the first big esport competition for Fortnite chapter 3. The game has seen some major changes this time around, with a brand-new map, and a completely different loot pool. The new chapter has got a lot of lapsed players back interested in the game. While there has been some criticism, the game has a pretty different meta for this season. There are a lot of spray weapons, high mobility, and some of the more fun mythics we’ve seen in a while.

The FNCS Chapter 3 is going to be an interesting season. The game is in a fairly unique state right now and competitive action should really show this off. We’ve already seen pros use items like the Spider-Man Web Slingers and sliding mechanic to do some impressive things. With such a new meta, it’ll be hard to predict who will come out on top. If you’re looking at Fortnite betting, make sure you consider what these changes mean!

Fortnite’s esports scene has become fairly stable recently. Between the new format and the current balance of the game, the FNCS Chapter 3 looks set to be one of the game’s most exciting so far.