Khanada wins 20th Fortnite Cash Cup with a threepeat

Over the years, there have been quite a few exceptional Fortnite players. The competitive scene this season is riddled with players who could play and win with their eyes closed. There are so many extremely accomplished players, too.

While Bugha is considered the most accomplished Fortnite player, and Benjyfishy topped out best Fortnite players list regularly, we get a new contender on the block this summer. With an impressive run of recent success, KNG Khanada is trying to make a name for himself and land on that leaderboard as well.

Fortnite Khanada

KNG Khanada wins three straight Cash Cups

Leon Khim, better known as Khanada, recently won his third straight Cash Cup, an incredibly impressive feat. Winning three in a row is not something many Fortnite players can say they’ve done, as only a few players like mitr0 and AdapterFN have done so. Khanada’s threepeat puts him in elite company.

Additionally, winning 20 overall Cash Cups is no small feat. Even getting into 20 Cash Cups is an accomplishment, given how exclusive they are and how much effort it requires just to make it. Ajerss, his Duo partner, has won quite a bit, too. He’s won seven Cash Cups, making the pair of Khanada and Ajerss one of the most formidable Duos in Competitive Fortnite right now.

How Fortnite Cash Cups work

Cash Cups are the most prominent form of competitive Fortnite. Through Arena Mode, gamers can earn Hype points, which will eventually move them up to the next league. As it progresses, it gets steadily harder and requires even more talent. Players pay more Hype per match, making it even more important to win or play well.

Over the course of a season, certain players will make Champion League and can qualify for Cash Cups. Those who make it to the Cash Cups are among the best of the best. Those who routinely win, like Khanada, are even better.

Eventually, FNCs and World Cup level premier events are where players build their legendary status. Khanada has already achieved it, now its time to milk the rewards with his godlike performance.