FNCS Qualifiers kick off this week – Free Drops & Rewards Enabled

The Fortnite Championship Series, otherwise known as FNCS, is one of the biggest tournaments in the game. It’s also one of the biggest in the general world of esports. Chapter 3 Season 3‘s FNCS is set to begin very soon and qualifiers are being held all the time. Competitive players are ramping up for the event and fans are getting ready to watch.

Fortnite Competitive is still growing. Players love the game and they love playing it when the stakes are high. Even Bugha is still winnings FNCs events. Events are happening all the time, with Epic Games continuously trying to make it a better experience. Every season has new changes. There are new weapons, new items, new locations and more for competitive players to try out.

There are several important dates to know for the latest (Season 3) qualifiers.

FNCS Season 3 Chapter 3

FNCS qualifiers important dates to know

The first date for Fortnite qualifiers is going to be July 8 at 6 pm EST. This round will be for NA East players who reached Champion League in Arena and will be based in Duos mode. There will be four total rounds in which players have the opportunity to win and earn points. Epic Games had this to say:

“The top 5 teams at the conclusion of Round Four in each region will skip Semi-Finals and advance directly to the Finals.”

However, other teams can get into the Semi-Finals without placing in the top five. This will be based on their points from other qualifiers. The second round begins on July 9 at 2 pm EST. Round three begins at 6 pm on the same day. Finally, round four will take place the following day at 6 pm.

For NA West Region, Fortnite players will begin competing at 9 pm EST on July 8. Round two kicks off on Saturday at 5 pm EST. At 9 pm EST, players will move into the third round of competition. Lastly, Sunday holds the fourth round, which will be at 9 pm EST.

The following week will hold the second round of qualifiers for both regions.

FNCS Free Drops & Twitch Rewards

Viewers who link their Epic Games account to their Twitch account can walk away with three rewards, including the Seeker’s Strike Loading Screen, the King and Champion Spray, the Peaceful Emoji and the Champion’s Honor Backbling. These rewards are going to land in the Item Shop eventually for those that miss out.

FNCS Twitch drops

FNCS Twitch drops

This season’s FNCS will conclude on August 14, which is shortly before Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 finishes.