BTS Smash Summit 12 – Players, Preview, and Schedule

Super Smash Bros Ultimate might be out of active development right now, but its esports scene looks livelier than it has done in recent years. This week alone has seen new orgs enter in Smash, including FlyQuest signing KoDoRiN. Nintendo has given more details on an official tournament pro league along with a smaller league happening in Europe. However, the big news is really the build-up to the Smash Summit 12.

Smash Summit is one of the biggest events on the competitive calendar. While there’s some extra competition for Smash organizers next year, Smash Summit 12 looks set to be huge.

Smash Summit 12 Schedule

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Smash Summit 12

The Smash Summit is more than just a tournament, this is a four days event with different things going on all the time. While it does present a summit climb for the players hoping to prove their worth in the very highest tier of Melee, the full event has a lot more going on.

Events are running over the course of 4 days, beginning on December 9th. The tournament is largely going to be a Melee event, however, there are side parts like a Nickelodeon All-Star crew battle.  There will also be other events going like tournaments between commentators and other bits of side. These are the events on the roster right now:

  • Crew Battle (Classic, Nickelodeon, and Commentator over the four days)
  • Mafia
  • Mini Golf
  • Wheel! Of! Bullshit!
  • Historic Melee Geoguesser
  • Hugs Advice Show
  • Show matches
  • Gauntlet Stage
  • Final Bracket

Smash Summit is going to be played with a relatively normal bracket format for the Melee Singles though.

Who is Playing in the Melee Singles?

The Smash Summit 12 is going to be played with five invited players, the six highest-placing players from Mainstage 2021 along with five crowd-picked players. Pipsqueak will also be attending from his Smash Summit 11 invite. These are the contenders:

  • Zain (Invited)
  • aMSa (Invited)
  • Mango (Invited)
  • Pipsqueak (Invited)
  • Leffen (Invited)
  • Sora (Crowdfunded)
  • Tyler Swift (Crowdfunded)
  • Magi (Crowdfunded)
  • Null (Crowdfunded)
  • Free Palestine (Crowdfunded)
  • Wizzrobe (Mainstage)
  • Hungrybox (Mainstage)
  • KoDoRiN (Mainstage)
  • SFAT (Mainstage)
  • iBDW (Mainstage)
  • Ginger (Mainstage)

Axe and Plup are definitely going to be missed in this event, with this being their first Smash Summit without them. Mango is now the only player to make it to every Melee Smash Summit.

Those are the players and the format for the event over the next few days. The players expected to be in real competition for the winners’ slot is pretty close. There are loads of great contenders on offer here like Hungrybox, Wizzrobe, Leffen, Mango, aMSa, Zain, and Pipsqueak. It can be tricky to make much of a prediction for esports betting for Smash events. However, these invited and Mainstage players are all still pretty dominant in terms of how the game plays.

That’s how everything is going to be running at the Smash Summit 12 The Melee portion of the event is going to be fairly easy to keep track of at home, with everything boiling down to this relatively simple tournament. Melee is still the central part of the Smash Bros competitive scene and one of the best fighting games, so this event is going to be one to watch.