Smash World Tour Championship – Full details for this SSB first

Super Smash Bros is one of the biggest fighting games, with dedicated competitive scenes for two iterations in the series going at any one time. The title had a rough period under covid, but competition is back for the game and in a big way. Even with Mainstage still approaching, we’ve got the first details for another huge Smash event coming out. The first Smash World Tour is due to begin very soon.  This is an end of season event that brings in the top players from the various regional events. This is what you need to know about the tournament, and what you can expect.

Smash World Tour Format

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Smash World Tour Championship

The Smash World Tour Championship is an end of year event for Super Smash Bros, with competitions in both Melee and Ultimate. There is a prize pool of over $150,000 at stake at this event, which is definitely on the high end for Super Smash Bros. The event is aiming to bring together all players from all regionals, with competitors from over 15 countries showing up. It is due to take place December 17-19th.

The Smash World Tour Championship is the closest Super Smash Bros has got to a World Final for a season. A lot of the Smash Bros competitive community isn’t directly linked to the developers, so these networks of tournaments largely exist due to the hard work of fans and players. This makes the Smash World Tour Championships quite an impressive achievement.

The event is organized right now to be an in-person event. It is going to be held in Orlando Florida, specifically at the Hilton Orlando. The event is hoping to cap the attendance at 2,000 people. Although, details about crowd size may depend on how restrictions develop between now and the tournament’s start in December.

What’s on at the Smash World Tournament?

The Smash World Tour Championship is going to be a big wide-reaching event. The main event for the tournament is going to be an event for both Smash and Melee. However, there are also going to be friendlies, side tournaments, and events with open brackets set up for those in attendance too.

The actual bracket is going to be locked into the roster of 32 players. These are going to be drawn from the various regional events that are going down, with quite a few players already confirmed. Outside of players that have already qualified, a Last Chance qualifier is going to be running first. This is an open bracket that anyone can sign up for. You can register for this open bracket from October 18th, in the official website.

Smash World Tour Structure

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Who is in Attendance?

That’s how the Smash World Tour Championship is going to work. However, outside of the qualifiers, there are already some players we know about that are going to be in attendance. There are already a good number of players qualified, including:

  • MKLeo
  • Tweek
  • Dabuz
  • Leffen
  • Plup
  • SFAT

Those are just some of the biggest players qualified though. A full list is available here.

Outside of these players, the rest are going to be picked in two ways. 16 players from Ultimate are going to be selected based on a regional locked online qualifier. These regional events are being held over the next few weeks. However, Melee competitors are being selected by a community panel, picking the top players from regional events throughout the year.

That’s everything that’s going down over at the Smash Bros Word Tour Championship. Make sure to keep an eye on how the roster changes for qualified players going into the event, as there are still loads of places left.