Soniqs rediscover dominating form at PUBG Continental Series 6

The PCS6 Americas is complete after a gruesome thirty-round marathon. Soniqs are once again kings in NA after a dominating showcase in both weeks of play. With 450 PUBG Global Championship (PGC) points secured, Soniqs only needs 5th or better at the next two events to secure their spot at the global finals.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Time to recap the first PCS6 series and see how it all went down.

Soniqs PCS6

Soniqs dominate PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas

Before we dive deep into the action, let’s quickly go over the format and rules.

Teams gain points via kills and placement points. First-place is 10 points, and each spot lower decreases this amount. Players also earn points by the number of enemy players killed. Both point metrics are then totaled to become a team’s Match Points per round. In case of ties, priority given to the team with the highest Total Kill Points across all matches.

Soniqs won in both of these categories handily in Series 6. A total of 165 kills put them ahead of the pack by a big margin. The closest opponent were YAHO (Balefrost and former Dignitas trio) with 154. In terms of rounds won, Soniqs managed to win 7 out of 30 rounds played. eUnited was the 2nd best team in this category with 5.

It’s a bit surprising how dominating the Soniqs were at this event considering they barely qualified through a last chance qualifier. We all knew they were a world championship winning team, but after last year’s PCS debacle, and a slow start to 2022, they were hardly considered favorites. Still, TGLTN and the boys really showed why they are among the best PUBG players globally by pulling in some insane numbers.

Everything seemed to come together perfectly two weeks straight for the team, as executes looked easy, and teams just willingly threw themselves into Soniqs grenades.

Good but not good enough

YAHO were the team that was closest to Soniqs in relative performance. Despise being labelled as ‘campers’, they did pull some insane numbers and placements throughout this series. We all remember how resilient Dignitas was last season, and I am glad to see YAHO continues the legacy. eUnited are having a great season as well. After winning ESL PUBG Phase 1, they are firmly in second in PGC qualifying points. The squad now needs 4th or better in the next two events to qualify.

The rest of the pack will have to put in some serious numbers in ESL Phase 2 and PCS 7 to catch up to the leaders.

More PUBG Continental Series 6 action coming soon!

We have a packed tournament scheduled in the next two weeks. Europe and Asia both start their PCS series this upcoming weekend. There is more then just PGC points and money on the line for the teams this time around. With the PUBG Nations Cup returning this year, plenty of players need to show why they are the right choice to represent their country at the event.

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