Kicking for cash – the FIFA eWorld Cup is almost here!

The FIFA eWorld cup 2019 finals are upon us! The stage is set for an intense competition between the 32 top ranked players from the global series. These talented gamers will play their hearts’ out to score the trophy and their share of the US$500,000 prize pool. That’s an incredibly big win for games that aren’t part of the big names – Dota 2, LoL and Overwatch, for example. Not that the FIFA series is small by any account – quite the opposite. The series has long since been successful in gathering more and more fans with each iteration.

As for the tournament – the competition format will be familiar to most sports fans: a group stage that will whittle down the competitors to the last and best 16, before the quarter finals and semi-finals leave space for only the top two players. These two will then face off in the grand finals to determine the overall winner. The grand final match itself is a two-leg tie played across both PlayStation and Xbox to determine the eWorld cup champion across both consoles. This means that there will be plenty of action and fun to be had for players on either console.

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FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

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For those FIFA fans that watched last year, the reigning champion Mosaad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary will return to try to become the first back to back FIFA eWorld cup champion. The reigning champion will be playing in group B along with two other players under the same organisation: Rogue. The intra-organisation rivalry between the players is part of what draws fans – Msdossary worked hard for his win last year, and fans are eager to see him return for another bout of competitions.

The Saudi-Arabian is definitely a favourite to win it all this year too – we wish him and all the other competitors good luck. If you are more interested in the event than the individual players – this year’s event will take place in the O2 in London, England. That’s just about all we know – further details on the event will be announced as the season progresses, to keep the suspense up!

What we do know is that the prize pool is quite generous – of the 500k, the winner will walk away with $250k, the runner-up with $100k and further placements with between $25k and $750. The overall winner will, in addition to a hefty payday, also receive an invitation to the Best FIFA Football Awards. There, the winner will get to meet the best players on the planet – quite the challenge, no matter how talented the 2019 eWorld Cup winner may be.

Stand by for more details on the event throughout the next few weeks – the grand finale will be happening on Sunday, the 4th of August this year after a weekend of competition starting on the 2nd of August. That doesn’t leave much time for organisers to reveal more info, so you won’t have to wait long for updates!