StarCraft 3 – An RTS Dream that Will Never Materialize

StarCraft is regarded as the best real-time strategy game of all time and one of Blizzard Entertainment’s flagship franchises. The fans had to wait 12 years for the second installment and there are many who secretly hope for StarCraft 3. In recent months, the rumors grew, with some developers expressing their willingness to work on a new game, if the company gives them the opportunity.

As much as we’d love to see a new installment in the celebrated franchise, these are the reasons why StarCraft 3 will never come.

StarCraft 3

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StarCraft 2 is Meeting Most Expectations

The game spent a lot of time in development, but this is something to be expected from Blizzard, so the fans were patient. It was released 12 years after the original and a decade later, it is still going strong with players enjoying it worldwide. Expectations were lowered by Blizzard, simply because the RTS genre has lost a lot of traction, while MOBAs rose to prominence. StarCraft Esports are still popular and both active and former players watch the most important games and tournaments live.

StarCraft betting is going strong and provides developers with the impetus to keep the game fresh, balanced and competitive. Changes are being made regularly, through patches and it is more likely to have small expansion packs released, then a fully fledged StarCraft 3. Blizzard is famous for extracting the most from its titles and this real-time strategy game makes no exception. Major overhauls are to be expected and they are likely to make the game more alert and intense, while also more challenging.

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Blizzard has Bigger Fish to Fry

The StarCraft franchise required a lot of time and resources because the company wanted to make sure that the game released was flawless. Blizzard is now working on other major projects, such as Diablo 4 and they contemplate the possibility of adding a new milestone in the Warcraft franchise. They also invest heavily in Overwatch and its competitive leagues, as this is their most popular game at the moment.

StarCraft 3 is unlikely to see the light of day, at least not for many years to come, but not all is lost. Those who truly enjoy the game can go back to its roots and relive the thrills of the original, in StarCraft Remastered. Many veterans have already returned to this fascinating universe, but Blizzard is also trying to bring in new talent. A global StarCraft: Remastered series could provide the incentive for new players to take these classic games seriously and hone their skills in competitive matches.

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StarCraft 3: The Times Have Changed

There was a time when real-time strategy games were the most popular, but this is nothing more than a distant memory. StarCraft 3 is a genre that will never materialize because sadly, the RTS genre is almost dead. There are not enough people willing to deal with its steep learning curve, as the trend points in the opposite direction. Developers are simplifying the gameplay of existing titles, while the new releases are all aimed at ever-younger audiences.

Players have lost the desire to spend long hours to hone their skills in an unforgiving environment. StarCraft is widely regarded as the most difficult real-time strategy game and this makes it too hard for modern players to even understand. The prospect of playing in single player and then 1v1 also has a deterring effect on young gamers who enjoy team-play action. Vertical mobility is possible only in theory and the chances for new players to reach the top and make money playing StarCraft are slim to none.


© Blizzard Entertainment

The Compelling StarCraft 3 Story is Over

StarCraft is not only an immensely challenging real-time strategy game but also a franchise with an immersive narrative. Its story spans over two decades and it made players care about the characters, in a way that few RTS games ever did. Sadly, even the best things come to an inevitable conclusion and the Legacy of the Void brilliantly wrapped up this compelling story. Pushing it further in StarCraft 3 would only make it feel unnatural and risk compromising everything that Blizzard has achieved so far.

World of Warcraft is a shining example of how Blizzard finds creative ways to add new chapters to a popular game to maximize its revenue. Those who are hoping for a similar outcome with StarCraft 3 shouldn’t get their hopes too high. World of Warcraft is a moneymaking machine, with monthly subscriptions, whereas players only pay once for a StarCraft game.

The bottom line is that this remarkable franchise that kept players and excited is officially over. StarCraft 3 is only a dream and dwelling too much on such a fantasy can only lead to disappointment.