Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta – First Impressions and Gameplay Videos

Street Fighter 6 is getting closer. Players have had the chance to try out the game at multiple events lately, but the first Street Fighter 6 closed beta played out this past weekend. Now, even more players got the chance to try the game out, and there are already some reactions to the game though.

Street Fighter 6 Beta

Players have been pretty positive about what’s been found so far, even with controversial new bars added in.

Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta

Not everyone made the cut, but content creators have gotten access so most should at least be able to watch. While live matches aren’t going on right now, players have access to the game and a lot of information on the new moves, controls, and how everything is going to work.

The Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta gives access to a number of returning characters, along with a few different ways to play. While it isn’t the full game, it’ll be a good test for how well the changes to competitive balance are going.

There’s were a few problems. Australian players were unable to activate their codes. They instead got error messages that their code wasn’t matching up with their region. That’s alongside some general backlash from fans that didn’t get in.

Who was in and who wasn’t?

The Street Fighter 6 closed beta is definitely exciting, but its closed. Not everyone who wants in is going to get in. Social media is currently crawling with players who are celebrating their codes, but also plenty who are upset with how they’ve gotten left out. Some fans have even been angered by content creators getting codes far past normal invites finishing being dealt out. While frustrating, this is a normal part of game promotion at this stage. Content creators get news and promotion out about the game. While it’s a shame not everyone can join the Street Fighter 6 closed beta, it is understandable that Capcom are giving out codes specifically for promotion and to build hype.

First Impressions from Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta

With the game having been shown off plenty, we’ve already got some first impressions and things to expect from the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta. That’s alongside an info dump on how some smaller factors work once players could activate their codes and get inside the game.

First impressions of the beta have been favourable so far. Players who have had a decent amount of time with the game have been kind. The presentation has been praised. That’s along with the newer modes. However, the mechanical changes are what’s going to be tested ahead of esports tournaments for the game. The Drive System is a new addition. This is a meter below the life bar which is going to be the drive gauge. This will impact powered up specials and overdrive moves. While it’s adding more to the game, inputs and controls are being kept simple. You can get access to most important moves using a single button.  There some auto combos that can used, which may end up being more contentious. For the most part though, these changes are going down a lot better than Street Fighter V.

The reaction from pros to the game so far has been pretty positive. Former Method and Team Infused player, Sean “imstilldadaddy” Dench played the game extensively over the weekend, and we got to see some seriously fun fights play out.

At this stage, everyone loves how SF6 is shaping up.

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