Street Fighter 6 TGS demo features Guile, Juri, and more

Street Fighter 6 is still progressing towards its release, dropping new information pretty regularly to keep fans in the loop on how the game develops.

The next major for the tournament is going to be at the Tokyo Games Show (Sep 15-18). This show will feature a trailer and announcements. We are finally getting more hands-on gameplay with “new” characters in the game. This won’t be the only fighting game on show at the event either.

We go over Street Fighter 6 TGS demo and all the new information.

Street Fighter 6 Demo

New Build for Street Fighter 6 TGS Demo

Street Fighter 6 has been doing the rounds since its initial announcement. Players have been able to play the game at a variety of events so far. Including San Francisco Comic Con. This new version of the game is going to have some new characters on show though.

The previous demo builds of the game featured Ryu, Luke, Shun-Li, and Jamie. This was a fairly fleshed-out character roster for a brief playable demo. However, there are new characters coming with the Street Fighter 6 TGS demo, Guile, Juri, and Kimberly are joining the action in this version of the game.

New characters are going to give players a better look at the changes being made to Street Fighter’s core roster. It should shed some light on how the game is developing as a whole. We’re still a bit of time away from the release. There’s a lot of hype in seeing how the game is changing with all of the various demos being shown at events though.

Street Fighter 6 is going to be playable for those in attendance. What about those who are at home though? If you can’t make it to Tokyo Games Show, we’re expecting to get some footage released of the game and possibly even a new announcement. This is going to be viewable to everyone.

Street Fighter 6 at Gamescon

Street Fighter 6 TGS demo build is the big story right now. The last info drop was big though. GamesCon 2022 had a Street Fighter 6 segment with some news for the title. A lengthy gameplay trailer was released during the event, to let players see in more detail how the game is currently looking in its demos.

Earlier this year, EVO 2022 had a brief Capcom segment that included some more details on the game. A brand-new fighter called Kimberly was revealed. That’s alongside the returning Juri.

Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting new fighters. It has steep competition with games like MultiVersus breaking records. However, it definitely looks like a lot of players are still looking forward to this new release from one of the biggest fighting franchises.