Street Fighter League US Team Rosters & Dates unveiled

The Street Fighter League US teams are currently being unveiled. We already know a decent number of the players that are going to be joining the League, and taking part in these battles across the 2022 Street Fighter League.

Competition is already in full swing in some regions (Japan) . However, some regions are still getting their initial announcements. This is what we’ve learned so far and what you can expect at the Street Fighter league.

SF League US Rosters

Street Fighter League US

The Street Fighter League is a unique tournament on the calendar for the game. This is a team battle tournament. It’s organized as a team fight, with four players on each squad. Each team brings in different Independent fighters who will be competing together. The game will be played on Street Fighter V Champion Edition. Although, with anticipation building for Street Fighter VI there might be more eyes than normal on this tournament.

The event is going to be kicking off in the US on October 7th. It’s already underway in Japan with some intense action already taking place.

The Street Fighter League US teams have been gradually unveiled recently. This year’s League is going to be expanded with a European League running, this means there isn’t going to be any European teams in this part like in previous years. It’s Americas players here. Along with some from Asia and other regions without a dedicated league. These are some of the rosters we’ve got so far:

Street Fighter League US Rosters

Team UYU

  • Oil King
  • Dingchunqui
  • NL
  • Xian

The team UYU is pretty interesting this year. The SFL Japan League is only going to be Japanese players. This means that players from other Asian countries aren’t getting much representation. Team UYU will be bringing some of the top players from other Asian counties together. These include some notable players from previous tournaments, along with DingChunQui who is a newcomer and something of a prodigy.


Team Red Roster

  • Mono
  • Ajax Fidelity
  • Smug
  • HotDog29

This is a brand new team making their way into the Street Fighter League US. This time it includes some pretty notable players. The first is MonoPR. He was the winner of the CEO 2021 tournament, and also an organizer. Other players here are impressive too. Including some who ranked high in the Capcom Pro Tour during previous seasons.

Team Panda

  • Punk
  • JB
  • Kami
  • Nephew

This is a returning team largely made up of veterans to Street Fighter League. Punk has been a pretty constant presence. Kami is making the switch over from team UTYU this time too. These are experienced players but in a new layout, so we’ll have to see how it turns out.

Panda Street Fighter

Team NASR x Bandits

  • Big Bird
  • AngryBird
  • Caba
  • Menard

Team NASR x Bandits is one of the biggest names in the roster for this season. It has some incredible talent here. Both AngryBird, Big Bird were major parts of the League last season winning alongside Problem X. However, the newcomers are just as impressive. Mena is a former Capcom Cup winner and Caba nearly won at Combo Breaker, only just losing out and coming in 2nd. These guys are some of the most impressive names in the game.

Team CLG

  • Chriscch
  • Filipinoman
  • Justakid
  • Samurai

This is another new team joining the roster this time around. It has some impressive talent here too though. This includes Justakid who has won a CPT alongside doing well at Evo qualifiers. There’s also Samurai, who has won some recent Capcom Pro Tour events. Team CLG might not have the same strength as NASR x Bandits, but they’re definitely looking like a frightening team heading into the tournament.


  • Nuckledu
  • Gamerbee
  • Shine
  • iDom

This is another big team that looks strong heading into the Street Fighter League US 2022. iDom is coming off a win at East Coast Throwdown. Along with Shine who has a long history in the game.

The Street Fighter League 2022 looks set to be more exciting than ever in this region. There are some of the top players active in street Fighting competing here. We may see more talent joining as we get closer to the event too since the Japan region has expanded to 8 teams already. If you want to see who wins, you’ll need to tune into the Street Fighter League to see how it all plays out, starting on October 7th.

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