Street Fighter V Definitive Update – Big changes ahead of future development

This week we’ve gotten the full details on the last big content update coming to Street Fighter. It’s going to be the last update to the game with a final set of balancing changes.

This will be the final form of the game ahead of Street Fighter 6 fully entering development. Naturally, players and fans are anxious to see just what changes the game has in store. This is what’s been shown off for the Street Fighter V Definitive Update and what you can expect:

Street Fighter V Definitve Update

Street Fighter V Definitive Update

The Street Fighter V update has been shown off bringing both balancing changes to the game and new content. One of the biggest new additions to the game is going to be Cell Shading and Pixel Filters. These will be two different and new looks that players can toggle. They’ll be able to play the game in this different style, or with a filter applied to the game. The trailer for the update showed off these art styles which should suit anyone looking for a more classic Street Fighter feel from the game. The art styles will only be playable in the offline modes of the game, so this won’t affect competitive performance.

Alongside new art, new tracksuit costumes are going to be available for every character in the game. There will also be new remixes for the five newest DLC characters. These are the major changes for cosmetics and characters in the Street Fighter V Definitive Update. However, the biggest changes are going to be the balancing differences with the update.

Balancing Changes

The Street Fighter V Definitive update is going to be mixing up core gameplay. While the visual changes are nice, other differences are probably more the focus for players. Outside of specific character changes, more characters are being given combos using EX meters and some changes to V skills. This should open up gameplay and give more options for creative use of the entire roster.

One big change showed off in the trailer were some buffs for Ryu. He’s had changes made to his dash along with a new combo now possible into an EX-Dragon Punch. His V-skill has been improved too. However, it isn’t just Ryu, other characters like Menat will now have more EX-variations for some moves. We don’t have full details for all of the changes, but it seems a lot of the mid-tier characters have received decent buffs. We’ll have to see how these changes play out in the competitive scene going into big tournaments.

These changes with the Street Fighter V Definitive update are going to refresh the game. Most of these changes seem like positives and the game looks set to be in a good state going into major tournaments like EVO. New content outside of changes might help Street Fighter V recapture the player base’s attention before these big tournaments too.