Street Fighter V Winter Update – What’s Next for the Game?

The Street Fighter V Winter Update has been announced to be taking place in February. The latest update is due to bring a lot of new content into the game.

We now know quite a bit about what is going to be announced and discussed with the livestream. This is going to include details on what’s coming up in the game, like the latest fighter Dan and a new game mechanic. However, the Winter Update is also going to fill fans in with what’s going on with Street Fighter V competitively. Fighting games had a rough 2020 with in-person events disappearing, the Capcom Cup has been delayed leaving Street Fighter V floating it the wind for the year. Information on the game’s future is coming at a good time. 

Street Fighter V Winter Update Livestream

The Street Fighter V Winter Update livestream has been announced for February 11th. This event is going to be showing off everything we can expect from the game in its next phase. Normally, we would have heard more about this over the Capcom Cup. However, with various tournaments cancelled at the moment, the Winter Update is going to be presented via livestream instead. This is what we can currently hope to see at the livestream:

  • New Gameplay Mechanic – A new gameplay mechanic has been announced to be coming with Season 5 of Street Fighter V. We don’t know much about what this is going to be at the moment, but it is always good to have a decently sized addition to the game this late in the lifespan.
  • Dan – Dan is the next fighter coming to the game, which has already been confirmed. He’ll likely be a major part of this livestream, and we’ll learn a lot more about the character. 
  • Rose – It is possible that more will be shown of Rose, who is due to be released in the Spring after Dan.
  • Costumes – New costumes are likely coming to the game with the next release, we’ll probably see a few of these.
  • Esports – The Street fighter V Winter Update is supposed to be the day we find out about the development of the competitive scene. This is important information for fans, as competitive fighting games haven’t seen a lot of action in the last year.

What’s Next for Street Fighter?

The Street Fighter V Winter Update is going to show off a lot of information about upcoming content. However, the update on the game’s esports scene is also well-needed. The CapCom Pro Tour is approaching its end in February, we’ll likely see some of the new content drop to coincide with this. This event was a replacement for the Capcom Cup. However, after this we don‘t know much about the year for Street Fighter V, or for fighting games in general.

This esports update will hopefully clarify the situation. An announcement on what is currently planned for 2021 can show if the Capcom Cup is making a return, or if the Pro Tour of regional events is continuing for another year. At the moment, a return to in-person events feels unlikely. However, most other esports have by now figured out a way to adjust. Playing without an audience but with players closer in location to get a better connection is common at the moment. If Street Fighter can move back towards a more normal competitive calendar, it would reinvigorate the competitive fighting scene as a whole.

You can watch the Street Fighter V Winter update on the game’s Twitch channel, and see for yourself what is going on with the future of Street Fighter V.

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