Symfuhny dominates Rokkr Royale Warzone and #JUSTICEFORZIGUEIRA

In celebration of the 6th season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a second iteration of the Rokkr Royale Warzone hit the servers yesterday. The one day event featured a wide variety of streamers and squads, battling for $100.000 in prize funds.

Invitees included pros, streamers and influences from across the globe all jumping into Warzone. The official Call of Duty Twitch channel gave way to Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez along with  Lottie Van-Praag and Miles Ross to host the six hour spectacle.

Symfuhny dominate Rokkr Royale Warzone and #JUSTICEFORZIGUEIRA

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Rokkr Royale Warzone Tournament Overview

The event was set up in a simple trios format competition, with squads competing to collect as many kills and placement points as possible. Over thirty trios have signed up for the event, featuring big names like Tfue, Timthetatman and Vikkstar123 (not on the same squad, of course). There were a number of popular personalities on the rosters as well: Ninext, Symfuhny who is also playing with Huskers, Arelogic who is playing with forpantheon, TeeP and more.

The competition followed a fairly open format – each team drops into a crossplay-enabled public lobby and plays as many games as possible within 3 hours. Only the best 4 games of each team were counted towards the total score, and the best 4 teams of the lot advance to the finals.

Already, fans had shown excitement in guessing who will win big, and of course everyone had their favorites. There was more than a small chance you might have encountered one of the teams if you played Warzone yesterday. Additionally, there was definitely some stream sniping and kill donations going on but ey; What can you do?!

The delay and the players

Originally, the event was set to start a day earlier. However, due to issues players faced after the Warzone update, Rokkr delayed their tournament by a day to make sure that everyone had a fair chance. The event became a single day entry instead of the planned 2-day format and the rules were adjusted for a single-day setup instead.

There was a server issue during one of the final groups matches prompting the squad of Leo “ziGueira” Duarte to disconnect and miss out on placements. After not making it into the final stretch, the good ol Brazilian crowd went ballistic on social media and within the CoD Twitch stream spamming the following message:

“Zigueira’s team got disqualified because of Activision’s server crash, and the game narrators just started laughing at us, and, this is not funny at all !!! YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN US ????? #JUSTICEFORZIGUEIRA”

This went on for a solid few hours all the way until the event concluded.

Rokkr Royale Warzone Playoffs

After the main tournament phase concluded and the Top4 remaining were Symfuhny, Swagg, Frozone and Tommey.  Once again, teams dropped into a public crossplay lobby and got to play as many games as possible for 2 hours. With only their best two games counted the final scores were absolutely bonkers.

Team Symfuhny won with 174 points, trailed by Swagg, Frozone and Tommey by only a two to ten point margin. The amount of eliminations these teams racked up was absolutely insane. However, team Ttiny led by Devin “TTinyy” Robinson, became the eliminations winner with 78 kills. It also earned them a solid 10,000$ payout for their troubles.

In the end, the second iteration of the Rokkr Royale Warzone provided an interesting take on how competitive Warzone can be played during a pandemic. Instead of limiting players to competitive LAN servers or Regional matches, the public lobby format allows teams to compete on a global scale regardless of location. There is however the problem of public matches, stream sniping and not actually competing against your competitors but who cares really. As long as you can cheer for your team as they are shooting bad guys, its all good.

You can watch the entire event stream in the video below:

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