First batch of nominees for The Esports Awards 2020 arrives

Music has the Grammys, film has Oscars, and esports… well, esports has The Esports Awards. For five years running the awards have been given to influential and impressive names in the esports industry. A unique variety of different categories are created and new categories are added each year. Just like the Oscars.

The Esports Awards 2020 now contains dozens of categories. From creative ones like esports cosplay of the year or esports content series of the year, to industry awards like esports publisher of the year and, of course, a number of categories for pro players and esports organizations. Several new categories have been added this year paying homage to casters, analysts and content teams.

Esports Awards nominees announced

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Esports Awards Nominees

The Esports Awards committee has already announced the nominees for several high impact categories. They are listed below:

  • Esports Personality of the Year
  • Esports Collegiate Award
  • Streamer of the Year
  • Esports Content Creator of the Year
  • Esports Mobile Game of the Year

This year’s nominees include streamers like Nickmercs, Pokimane, xQc, Asmongold, Summit1G and more – and that’s just for the Streamer of the Year category. The Mobile Game of the Year category includes things like PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile, Arena of Valor and Brawl Stars, among others. There are all sorts of awesome nominees already on the ballots. Both Sjokz and Froskurin are nominated for Esports Personality of the Year. We sincerely hope the LEC carries will win it.

Most of the nominees haven’t been revealed yet however. If you want to make sure your favourite team, player, content creator or other esports personality is considered, be sure to nominate them in the right category, and encourage others to do the same!

Voting on your Esports Awards 2020 favourites

For a number of the categories, you can already vote for your favourites! Five of the community categories we listed are open for the public to vote. In the remaining categories, you can submit your own nominations. You do have to however, provide an explanation on why you are submitting the person or group as a candidate!

The evaluation period is October to October, and who was the best in the 12 months between October 19 and October 20! In addition to the public vote and nominations, there is also a panel vote. The panel will decide on any possible tie breakers and finalise the selection and finalists.

Then, the last part of the process happens – the actual award ceremony!

Awards Ceremony

The actual date is still to be determined, in no small part because it’s not currently possible to predict when and in what capacity it will be safe to hold the event. What we DO know is that the entire event will be live streamed. By voting in the community votes, you can also potentially win two tickets to attend the event. Whether you have that opportunity or not, you’ll be able to enjoy the ceremony when it’s happens.

The event, when it does happen, will take place at the Esports Stadium Arlington, Texas.

Surrounding the awards, there are also some fun other events. In a partnership with the For The Gamers Fun, the Esports Awards are offering $10.000 to someone who is right on the cusp of excelling in esports but lacks the funds to do so. There are no restrictions on what type of success it is – a business idea or even an esports facility or something else still. Anyone can apply with their pitch, and three finalists will be selected in October for a series of interviews before the winner is awarded the money.

Stay tuned for updates as more nominees are announced, as well as more info on the actual award event!

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