Team SMG climbs the ranks of top performers at DPC SEA 21/22

It’s a new Cinderella story for the humble team at the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) Southeast Asia. Team SMG debut the scene, and didn’t waste time in showcasing exceptional performance.

The formidable Malaysian team has attracted a bandwagon of fans, wishing for the team’s success in DPC2021-22.

Team SMG vs Neon Esports

As it stands, Team SMG is at a comfortable third place on the scoreboard, which would have earned them the Winter Major Wild Card slot if it didn’t get cancelled. Impressively, they defeated every SEA opponent, except T1 and BOOM Esports, branding them as reliable candidates in Dota 2 betting.

For starters, team SMG has made fast-paced Dota their hallmark, ending matches well within the 30-minute mark. This has much to do with their drafts, prioritizing heroes that can become online midgame and begin overwhelming their opponents. Of course, midgame heroes do eventually fall off heavily as it nears the late game, which is a caveat.

However, team SMG is absurdly proficient at leveraging their momentum in midgame and ending the match quickly. Yet, we see team SMG diverged from their typical midgame drafts to a stable late game one when facing T1 and BOOM Esports. In hindsight, SMG just wasn’t confident that their fast-paced drafts would work against seasoned powerhouses.

Frankly, we do think that team SMG’s doubts backfired on them as they lost their matches against the two top seeds.

Neon Esports the underdogs

As team SMG approaches their last match of the Winter Tour, their opponent, Neon Esports isn’t in particularly good form. Despite being a Division 1 staple, Neon’s days haven’t been very bright since their roster shuffle.

The team initially showed promising results after winning the Huya Winter Invitational 2021, but their DPC2021-22 run is among the worst. Thus, we certainly aren’t counting Neon Esports out just yet, as they could potentially deliver an upset today. Even the Dota 2 odds seemingly reflect even odds for both teams at approximately x1.85. Alternatively, consider betting Correct Score for team SMG to win 2-0, which is x3.92 return.

Due to Team SMG’s fast-paced playstyle, they frequently pick Templar Assassin, Night Stalker, and Broodmother, which have efficient hunting methods. Thus, expect team SMG to lead the Match Most Kills, earning x1.98 returns. Furthermore, these heroes come with perks, that is sustainability and pushing capabilities. This translates to having Most Towers or Barracks destroyed by team SMG, which returns x2.02 in both betting markets.

Kill count handicap isn’t a particularly good option in Team SMG’s matches since they often end games quickly and kill count isn’t their priority.

BOOM Esports vs T1

Meet the two most notable teams in DPC SEA, especially T1, whose roots date back to the International 10 (TI10). On the contrary, BOOM Esports isn’t your typical top dog but picked up a new roster that worked astonishingly well.

On paper, T1 is the high-profile fan favorite after representing SEA at TI10 and securing a commendable seventh place. However, BOOM Esports hasn’t dropped a single match, let alone a game. This is a testament to how much BOOM Esports live up to their Division 1 slot, after miraculously gaining it from the Omega Esports fiasco.

BOOM Esports’ diverse playstyles

A distinct trait BOOM had over many rivals is their flexibility in adopting a midgame and late-game draft. This is arguably greedy on BOOM’s end, but they have been rolling in great success every time. Until they meet a formidable opponent that punishes them, BOOM might end the DPC SEA utilizing their greedy drafts.

Now, if there’s one SEA candidate with experience playing cross-region, it’s T1. After all, they played Team Spirit, Evil Geniuses, Alliance, Team Undying, OG, etc. at TI10. Hence, T1 might give BOOM Esports a run for their money as both teams close out on DPC SEA Week 5.

The odds favor T1 at x1.65 versus BOOM Esports at x2.15 returns. However, you could opt for betting on T1 winning 2-1, which would return a heftier x3.31 bounty. Consequently, include the Total Maps over 2.5 too, which gives x1.91, since we are expecting a full three-game series from the two powerhouses.

Unlike SMG, T1 is a wild team that enjoys frenzy killing and team fights. Hence, it’s recommended to side T1 for Match Most Kill, earning x1.68 returns.

SEA Dota 2 is turning heads

It’s a sight for sore eyes watching team SMG climb the ranks they deserve. Many questioned Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng’s decision to move back to SEA. He could instead be playing for European powerhouses, such as Team Secret and OG. This will surely prove the haters wrong, as he is likely to dominate a region fully this season.

BOOM Esports also received the spotlight for their recent success, which doesn’t do them enough justice, considering BOOM has never been at the forefront of top DPC contenders. Then, there’s T1, maintaining their dominance among top DPC SEA contestants due to their achievements in the year 2021.

It’s quite a bummer that these teams won’t be playing the Winter Major despite their outstanding performance. Nevertheless, let’s keep our fingers crossed that they keep up with consistent performance until the next Tour. The odds mentioned above are exclusively available on LOOT.BET.