Team Vitality Announces Withdrawal from Fortnite Esports

In a heartfelt post on Twitter, Team Vitality has announced that it is withdrawing from the Fortnite competitive scene. Since 2018, Team Vitality has been a prominent player in the space, and the players it has signed have enjoyed some relatively prolific wins while flying the Vitality banner. Within a four-year window, the organisation’s representatives secured around $357,000 in Fortnite earnings, but owing to a desire to streamline, the team will now be bidding Fortnite farewell.

There was very little information offered along with the announcement, but it was enough to be a definitive closure on this chapter in the organisation’s lifecycle. Now, it’s assumed that Team Vitality’s Fortnite creators and competitors will relocate as soon as possible, taking their talents to what may be a competing platform.

Farewell Vitality

team vitality fortnite chapter 4

Image Credit: Epic Games

While Team Vitality is departing the Fortnite esports scene, there are still many top-tier organisations in the space. For instance, Become Legends, the team representing the winners of November’s FNCS Invitational, and Tundra Esports, an organisation that represents some of the best Fortnite players in the world. There’s no doubt that Team Vitality is an impactful organisation, but, without sounding callous, the game goes on.

In the statement posted to Twitter, Team Vitality spoke about its plan going forward:

‘Our strategy to develop the best European teams has pushed us to focus on a smaller selection of high-level ecosystems. We want to thank all the players, the staff, as well as the Fortnite fans, for all the work they have accomplished and for joining us on this journey.’

According to Team Vitality’s website, the organisation currently focuses on:

  • League of Legends (both LEC and LFL)
  • FIFA
  • CSGO
  • Rocket League
  • And content creation assets marked up as ‘ambassadors’

In an attempt to focus on a ‘smaller selection’ of ecosystems, it’ll be interesting to see if Team Vitality withdraws from any other esports platforms.

The Future of Fortnite

Recently, Fortnite premiered the Chapter 4 update, which brought an entirely new map, brand-new mechanics, and of course, a whole range of skins and cosmetics. It was a wild event, and it set the tone for the future of Fortnite. Following more than five years in operation, Fortnite remains arguably the best battle royale game on Earth. Now, it has been massively upgraded, with Epic Games introducing a world first in rolling out the Unreal 5.1 update.

There are supposedly more features coming to the platform as time goes on, too. These include the likes of a ‘double jump’ mechanic and potentially even wall-running, making the already quite fluid game even faster and more agile. As Fortnite esports continues to be quite popular, fans are awaiting the next step, and potentially, the next Fortnite World Cup.