Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship Announced

Riot Games is back with more good news – after continuously making headlines with their new games for weeks and months, With Valorant making noise on one side, they are back with news about Teamfight Tactics as well.

The Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship is the very first global tournament for the game. It’s getting a pretty strong start with $200.000 prize money is going to participants. The worldwide competition will rely on the in-game ladder as well as online tournaments to determine the best of the best.

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship Announced

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First global championship

The idea is to give players all around the world something to aspire to, after they’ve topped out the in-game skill ladder. The championship is going to take place at the end of the current set – in other words, near the end of the year.

Further details on the event won’t be released until late summer, but we do already know that 16 players will be able to qualify through a region-specific set of qualifiers. It isn’t the first tournament series, but it is the first global one – Riot is looking to get representation for players of as many regions as possible.

While extremely popular among the auto-battler genre and League players, TFT has not gained much esports exposure yet. The biggest events were showmatches at the League of Legends 2019 All-star Weekend last year. Fnatic’s Bwipo dominated the board at the event winning the Teamfight Tactics Littles crown.

TFT GC Regions

Riot went for a fairly diverse set of regions – through the respective qualifiers, 1-3 platers per region will be able to win a spot in the final. Three regions are grouped together – Europe, CIS and the Middle east. Three players from the combined regions will be able to qualify – that means it may be three Europeans, three Middle Eastern players, or a mix of all three regions.

The other areas are separate. Three players from China will be able to qualify, one from Japan, one from Turkey, and two each from Korea, North America, Brazil and Latin America.

Team Liquid

North America

The final for the NA region already has a (rough) date – it will be held mid-August, across two days. 16 pre-qualified players will duke it out for the two spots available to the NA region. The competitive season leading up to it will consist of both organised play and ladder rankings.

In the ladders, players will earn points according to their rank. That means that the top 10 point earners across the 12 weeks of competitive ladder play will be able to compete in the NA final – more details are expected later this month.

As for the organized play – it will be a beta circuit system featuring a series of online-only tournaments in May. Players will compete in order to earn points to qualify for two more of the 16 overall seats in the NA final. The other four will be available through a different type of competition – a partner qualification.

What that is or what it means isn’t yet clear yet –  no further details have been revealed at this time. We also don’t yet know about platforms – the game is available across mobile and PC platforms, but which platforms will be part of the event isn’t yet confirmed.

The Meta

We are definitely a few patches away from the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship and we can expect wild meta shifts before the dust settles. 10.6 and Rebels are behind us and the Mech-Infiltrators / Chrono Blademasters comps are taking charge. The latest 10.7 patch dictates a more Attack Damage focused playstyle. With only limited patch cycles ahead of us until the event expect these two comps to also be present at the Championship. Especially once all the kinks have been worked out.

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