The Among Us FaZe In-Vent-ational starts today

Among Us is having its biggest competitive outing to date with the FaZe In-Vent-ational. The tournament is being held by the FaZe clan, featuring a roster of their biggest players and other celebrities. While a few tournaments have been held for the game already, this is definitely the most notable so far. The tournament is going to feature a $25,000 prize pool, which is sure to attract some fairly serious play for this light-hearted game.

FaZe Clan newest sponsorship tie in with G-Fuel is providing the backing for this event. Viewers can win FaZe clan merchandise by tuning in too. Among Us’ popularity as a spectator game is pretty hard to ignore. The game has been routinely dominating the top of YouTube and Twitch in recent weeks. This doesn’t necessarily translate to a competitively deep game, but the FaZe In-Vent-ational is at least going to be pretty fun to watch.

FaZe In-vent-ational

© FaZe Clan

FaZe In-Vent-ational Among Us Tournament

The FaZe In-Vent-ational is going to be taking place on October 19th. The roster for the event is limited to 40 players, but we know who a few of these are going to be already. The roster currently includes Apex, Adapt, Nate Hill, Sway, Blaze, H1ghSky1, and FaZe Bronny. (Probably better known as LeBron James Jr.)

The event is going to be a Solo tournament. So every player is just out for themselves. Through rounds as imposter and crewmate, they have to try and rack up as many points for a share of the prize pool. And the prize pool is substantial. FaZe has secured $25,000 in prize funds for the event.

The FaZe In-Vent-ational is being sponsored by G-Fuel. The brand won’t be a surprise for most people given their prevalence in sponsoring Esports events and players. They are producing a limited run FaZe Clan G-Fuel tie in. The prize pool and event are being held to market their latest joint undertaking.

Competitive Among Us

The Among Us In-Vent-ational is Among Us’ biggest event so far. Being held by FaZe Clan means that it has some of the best players in other games competing. Of course, the skill set for effectively playing Among Us is completely different. So far the game has seen great success with streamers and content creators. It has a type of gameplay that is uniquely suited for these types of players. But how does it work competitively?

Among Us can be played with money on the line just like most games probably can. With the way the game is played though, it doesn’t exactly suit itself to further professional play. Competing in the game relies on communication and intrigue rather than any sort of technical skill. This makes it a lot of fun to watch, but it does mean that it lacks the mechanical depth that most Esports titles tend to have.

Even just looking at other highly viral games, something like Fall Guys has more to offer competitive players than Among Us. That doesn’t mean Among Us tournaments aren’t a lot of fun to watch. They can be really compelling viewing. The game probably won’t go much further than light-hearted one-off events, but that’s not what the game is for. Among Us is a really fun title, whether there’s room for more $25,000 tournaments or not.

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