The Epic Store error is back… again

It’s no secret that large sections of the gaming and esports community aren’t pleased by Epic. Though responsible for the Unreal Engine and Fortnite, the company has made their fair share of negative headlines, not to mention offering a subpar experience in their store – but who needs carts anyway?

Well, this week, gamers couldn’t even get that far. The one redeeming quality the store had – regular free games for players to claim and keep – ended up doing more harm than good to the Epic games store.gta

Their most recent free title is quite a coveted one – GTA 5 is available for free in the store. Or at least, for those lucky enough to actually use the store. We know an Epic Game Store error is a common occurrence is commonplace and usually gets resolved quickly nowadays. This one however, put a hold to all services.

The Epic Store is struggling… again

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Technical difficulties

For much of Thursday and well into Friday, the store was struggling under the loads and loads of requests from players who wanted to claim their free copy of GTA 5. Both the store and launcher suffered from all sorts of issues and players found themselves with an error code more often than not.

Despite already selling well over 120 million copies, fans really can’t get enough of the GTA series, it seems – at the cost of the Epic Games store being down for now. The idea of giving the game away now was to promote a sale they are also running – one that few users can make use of, now that the store is suffering outages.

These problems even affected totally unrelated services and had players struggling to play the other esports games that are available via the store – including, of course, Fortnite. Fans weren’t particularly happy that as far as Fortnite news went, most of them were focused around the struggles of the Epic Games stores.

The GTA series

Gamers have been loving the GTA series since its very earliest days – and although thee isn’t an answer to the question which is the best out of the series (yet), GTA 5 is definitely high on the list. Of course, expectations for GTA 6 are also high, but if even a game that came out in 2013 can crash their services, Epic better do some reworking if they are on the list of distributors for the upcoming game. People have had enough of Epic Store error welcomes for now.

While it’s too soon to say when the next GTA will be out, and Rockstar are notoriously cagy about news regarding the GTA series’ next title, fans that are hoping they won’t have to wait too much longer – unfortunately, no concrete information is available for now.

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