Can You Win Fortnite by Doing Nothing?

Fortnite is a game that takes a lot of skill at a high level. You’ve got to be adept at rotating, shooting, and outmaneuvering other players by building. However, for some, this isn’t the case. A content creator has set out to prove you can win Fortnite by doing nothing. If it is all this simple, then do pros make Fortnite out to be incredibly complicated?

Maybe none of that skill actually matters. It seems all of that is needed if you’re trying to win Fortnite is to not actually move at all. While this tactic can only work in very specific circumstances, is it all a matter of where the storm moves to? LazarBeam might have needed some assistance, but we might be able to figure out a method that does work.

Can You Win Fortnite by Doing Nothing?

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LazarBeam Wins Fortnite by Doing Nothing?

The validity of this tactic has been brought up by an impressive feat from LazarBeam. He devised a strategy to win Fortnite by doing nothing. However, it might be a bit grandiose to call a plan to do nothing a ‘strategy’. His system rested on using a particular emote.

LazarBeam planned to land somewhere central, which would give him the best chance of surviving the storm. Once landed, he could use the ‘take a seat’ emote to sit somewhere. There, he would wait for the game out and hope to come in first by other players eliminating each other.

His plan had a few misfires. He was eliminated by the storm because of his position a few times, and when he sat on a flagpole he was eliminated by a helicopter. The strategy got him into the top ten and five quite a few times, but only once did he win. This was a game where a friend came in and cleared out a lobby. They killed other players, and Leaserbeam took care of the other player in real life rather than the game. He achieved the doing nothing victory, but with a lot of assistance. LazarBeam’s doing nothing was fudged a little, so it is possible to adapt this plan to win Fortnite by doing nothing without a friend?

Can You Win Fortnite by Doing Nothing?

That strategy works if you have a friend in the lobby, but we can adapt it a little bit. You might not be able to win Fortnite by doing nothing, but you might be able to win it by doing very little. If we put ‘some movement’ into the equation, it becomes a lot more possible.

  • Drop-in and take a seat.
  • Stay in the center where the storm is likely to go.
  • Move into a bush in the circle.
  • Repeat this and attempt to avoid enemies with the bush.

This method takes care of the main reason LazarBeam died, by moving to the next storm circle. It might not be quite winning Fortnite by doing nothing, but LazarBeam also moved a little to his sitting spot, so this seems like a fair deviation.

The real problem with the win Fortnite by doing nothing strategy is that last player. If you can survive to the final 2, it is down to you to kill the other player and take the lead. In these situations, you won’t have the option to fight since you didn’t loot. This basically leaves you with just letting the storm or accidents do your dirty work. It might work out a few times, we’ve all won games at random when it turned out the last remaining player had fallen off their own build or something. However, you can’t really bank on it.

Winning Fortnite by Doing Nothing is Almost Sure to Happen

It is possible to win Fortnite by doing nothing as LazarBeam has shown, but without a friend to help? It is very unlikely, but also inevitable.

With enough re-rolls of the game, it is probably likely to occur at least once. However unlikely, the idea is sure to happen eventually provided enough games are played this way. It relies on a number of events taking place that have low odds. First, no other player kills you during the game. Second, you need the storm circles to always fall where you’re stood. Finally, you need the last player to do something idiotic and play themselves. This is very unlikely to occur, but in enough games, it is certain to eventually.

This is the same issue a million monkeys typing at a million typewriters writing Shakespeare. if you drop off the Battle Bus as infinitive amount of times, you are almost certain to eventually win Fortnite by doing nothing. While we can’t exactly say it is a viable tactic to use in arena, it is definitely possible to win Fortnite by nothing even without a friend clearing out the lobby for you.

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