How to Win Fortnite Games – 10 Tips for Victory Royales

Fortnite has fun LTMs and huge crossovers, but really it’s about getting Victory Royales. Triumphing over 99 players is the goal, but knowing how to win Fortnite games isn’t so easy. There’s a lot going on in every game.

If you’re looking to improve your performance and get more Fortnite Victory Royales (Maybe even some crown Victory Royales eventually) then this is what you need to focus on.


How to Win Fortnite Games

Zero Build or Battle Royale?

If you don’t have time to grind and learn Fortnite building tips, then Zero Build might be better for you. Go with the game mode that best suits your skills.

Have a Game Plan From Landing

As soon as you see the Battle Bus route, pick a landing spot. There are picks for the best Fortnite landing spots for those looking for a quiet or busy start, focus on what works for you. If you want to avoid fights off spawn, there’s nothing wrong with that. Knowing which is right for your skills is a key part of how to win Fortnite games.

Looting and What to Carry

Looting is kind of random, but you can help yourself. There are spots that have more loot than others. Concentrate on places with denser chest spawn to make sure you’re getting a better spread of weapons. Go for the higher-level chests whenever you see them and try to pick up keys for lockboxes.

In all Fortnite seasons, there’s some loot that’s better than others too. Most players like to give at least one slot over to meds. You’ll need something for close-range fighting like a shotgun. An AR or DMR for longer range. The other two slots are looser. You can carry more weapons or go for a mobility item like the Shockwave Hammer.

Use Sound

Fortnite’s sound carries important information like enemy footsteps and locations from gunfire. Use sound or on-screen sound effects to pinpoint enemy locations and get the most intel. Most players with high counts of Fortnite Victory Royales use sound to know their surroundings.

Stay Up to Date

Follow Fortnite news and see how the game’s changed and what new items or POIs you need to take advantage of. Part of knowing how to win Fortnite rounds is knowing what’s in the game.

Use Gold, NPCs, and Upgrades

NPC services are sometimes overlooked. With a decent supply of gold, you can upgrade your weapon and hire NPCs to act as a teammate. They’ll pull the focus off of you and deal damage.

Use your gold, especially if you’ve gotten great loot in that game. Knowing how to win Fortnite games means knowing when to spend your gold and go for the Fortnite Victory Royale.

Pick the Right Fights and Third-Party Players

You don’t always have to push. Sometimes, it’s better to hang back and survive. If you’re in a really bad situation there’s no harm in repositioning. Unless it’s the last opponent in the game, you don’t necessarily have to take the fight at all.

The best time to get involved in a fight is when two enemies are close to finishing each other off. This gives you an opening to jump in as a third party and then wipe up the players with their health weakened and attention distracted.

Consider Alternative strategies

Hiding isn’t always the wrong move. Staying out of harm’s way until the last circle can be a clever way to make sure you have a decent shot at winning. You’ll need to grab the last kill, but it’s a viable strategy.

Clinching the Final Kill

Whichever way you approach it, how you win at Fortnite is to get the final kill. Once it’s down to just two remaining players you need to get the upper hand in the final fight.

Take the more adventurous position like the high ground. If you have open shots on an opponent start whittling their health down. Don’t put yourself in the open unless you have to. That last kill is going to come down to skill really, but by having great loot and a better position on the map you can increase your odds.

Watch Your Mistakes

Even the best players make mistakes. One of the best ways to improve is to watch for your mistakes and then learn from them. If you’re choking in the final circle by giving yourself away, taking fights from a bad position, or any anything else you can pick up on this through replays. Then try to consciously avoid the same thing happening again.

You don’t need to have loads of time spent on Fortnite to win, but you might need to think more closely about where you can improve. Whether that’s putting Fortnite building tips into practice, or thinking it through before you push.

There are elements of RNG to Fortnite with the loot and storm circles, but if you use the right strategies, you can maximise your chance of clocking up repeat Victory Royales.