The Esports Awards 2021 are open for votes with some cool categories

The Esports Awards 2021 are rolling around again, and with them, the possibility to vote in 19 different categories. Fans can support their favourite creators, companies and personalities. Categories are split into community, creative and industry, and fans can vote for as many or as few as they want to.

It’s worth noting that casting a vote in each of the 19 categories allows users to enter themselves into a prize draw for two tickets to the IRL esports awards event. The website for the event is already live, with the list of finalists for all the categories available there. Among others, fans can vote on things like Mobile Game of the Year, Esports Personality of the Year, Content Series of the Year and more.

Esports Awards 2021

Esports Awards 2021 Nominations

Some really cool categories and nominations are present this year. Esports Mobile Game of the year award is a battle between Wild Rift, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends as well as COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile. It will be interesting to see which title makes the Mobile Games News by the end of it.

There is another interesting category to select the best esports apparel of the year. Fashion has become intertwined with esports as of late, and even events like the Esports Fashion Week are announced. It will be another highly contested battle between esports orgs to prove they have the best product in this category.

While most categories already have a finished list of finalists that are nominated for the award, there are several categories that aren’t that far along yet – On Air Talent and Pro categories respectively still allow for nominations. Some of them are directly sponsored by one of the partners – for example, ‘Esports Team of the year in association with SecretLab’.

Fans can go on the site, select the categories they want to nominate for and then submit their choices. To do so, they need to name the nominee – and they can also give a reason for the nomination, add supporting URLs, and so on.

Partners Extravaganza

The Esports awards are sponsored by quite a wide variety of official partners – though it’s somewhat amusing to see that a few of them are actually also nominees in certain categories. Verizon is both a sponsor and a finalist in the best Commercial Partner of the Year category.

Secret Lab is also both a partner and a finalist, in the best Hardware Provider of the Year category. Another partner has quite a history with the Esports Awards by now – SCUF Gaming was a winner in the Hardware Provider category all the way back in 2016 – and in 2021, they too are back as a partner, however not as a nominee.

While all of this virtual stuff is going down, there are still quite a few unknown details about the actual event. While the event will be taking place in Arlington, Texas, details like date, time, and schedule are not yet available. We will update this article as soon as more info gets released!

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