The Terminal List Tournament – Warzone Invitational for OCE Region

Warzone is building up to the release of a new game, but there’s still some life left in the original! There’s still plenty of CoD tournaments and a new season coming.

First up, Activision is hosting another invitational tournament for the event. Rebirth Island The Terminal List Invitational is the latest event coming to competitive Warzone.

This event is going to be hosted by publisher Activision together with Amazon Prime, and aimed at promoting the new series The Terminal List. How an Amazon Prime drama is going to be promoted by a Warzone invitational for the APAC region isn’t clear, but it’s a fun excuse for a tournament regardless.

Warzone Rebirth Island Terminal List

The Terminal List Tournament

The Warzone Rebirth Island Tournament is going to be an invitational hosed by Activision. The event will bring together 10 different teams of players. These are going to be pulled from AUS/NZ region to make up the roster for the tournament.

It’ll kick-off on July 2nd, just after the Terminal List drops on Amazon Prime Video. That gives fans time to watch a few episodes of a show before they jump into the action. Or maybe fit in some actual games in Warzone instead.

The Terminal List Invitational – Who is Playing at the Event?

As is common with Warzone tournaments, we don’t have a full roster for the tournament’s players just yet! This is going to be an invitational, so the teams will only be decided once invites are sent out. We can expect to see some of the best players in this region of Warzone coming into the event. Not knowing the roster till shortly before the event is par for the course with Activision Warzone events. It does help to build hype in the days before the event though, as we finally find out who is going to be playing.

This tournament is going to be sponsored by Prime Video. This has an added bonus of giving fans the chance to earn some rewards while they’re watching the tournament.

How to Watch & Earn Rewards

You can watch the tournament over on the Call of Duty Twitch channel. The stream is going to be put together by You Know Media, a well-known esports broadcaster in Australia. The event is also going to be taking place in that region, one of the biggest Activision had organized for Warzone there.

If you link up your prime video account, you should be able to earn some rewards while watching the stream of the Rebirth Island The Terminal List Invitational.

Some of the top players in this region will be attending, so it’s worth jumping in and seeing how the action goes in July. Even with some players asking if Warzone is dying prior to a sequel hitting, there’s still some fun tournaments happening.

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