Twitch Directory is finally here – the newest Twitch esports service

It’s been a long time coming, but Twitch just revealed their newest esports service – the Twitch esports directory. Revealed rather casually via a blog post, this new service is supposed to help fans find content for their favourite esports on the site.

The Twitch Esports directory is finally here

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What is the Twitch Directory?

Rolling out in the next few days, this Twitch Esports Directory will put all of the esports content that you can already find on Twitch in one central place. That means that you can find all your esports on Twitch on one page, and sort by both games, live matches, and so on.

The service is meant to make it easier for fans to discover new esports channels, filter by content they are interested in and use Twitch in a more esports-focused way. You can even search for specific leagues – and discover ones you may not have known exist.

A game-changer

This will really change the market for streaming fans, and in more ways than you may expect. Not only will this further the Twitch betting market, but it’ll connect fans with new leagues they may not yet realise they are interested in.

That’s a big deal with the growing expansion of fantasy esports in particular – with so few live esports events happening, fantasy play is one of the best ways to stay connected to your favourite esports. Twitch also announced that this is just the first in a series of changes to their service – though, no further details are known at the moment.

Improving the service

Twitch’s esports streams are one of the most popular ways to watch esports events in the world – and this new change will only make them more popular. Keep an eye on the Twitch stocks if you want to see this reflected in real-time. It’s only a matter of time – as per Newzoo’s forecast for team streaming revenues, there is likely to be an increase of several million dollars.

A significant milestone Twitch only just passed is one of viewership numbers – they passed 3 billion hours watched for the very first time. No doubt improving their esports section and offers will only serve to increase that even more.

Rolling out in the next few days, users will soon be able to access the new esports directory. If you don’t have the feature yet, check back periodically – it will roll out to users in steps.