Three key matchups in the LCS Spring Playoffs Round 2

The LCS Spring Playoffs Round 2 kicks off this weekend with two thrilling matchups. Cloud 9 meets Evil Geniuses in the Winner Bracket, while TeamSoloMid duels FlyQuest in an elimination match down in the losers bracket. One team will get eliminated this weekend and three will move on to the next round.

With so much on the line we break down three key matchups to look out for during this weeks’ broadcast.

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Blaber vs Svenskeren

Everyone knows this was going to be the first matchup on our list. These two players defined Cloud 9 in their respective runs with the main roster. Blaber, a storied C9 Academy veteran and Worlds 2018 quarterfinalist gave way to  Svenskeren in the main roster for last season. Svenskeren ended up as the MVP in Summer 2019.

The two players swaped places in the Jungle role over the past three competitive years and we finally get to see both of them head to head in a best-of-five scenario.

While the odds are overwhelmingly in C9’s favor for the entire series, Svenskeren has created miracles for his team with weaker rosters then what EG fields currently. Plus we think he has a bone to pick with his former team which just adds fuel to the whole matchup.

Plus, Svenskeren still using his C9 picture as he taunts his former team is just pure gold.

Jiizuke vs Nisqy

Round 2 of the Playoffs will feature two European midlaner matchups. Both have their own kinks to work out and both are equally important for the NA Midlaner ecosystem as a whole. First up, The Italian Stallion versus Mr. Azerty. The two midlaners have matched up on both continental leagues with Niqsy leading the head-to-head after C9 beat EG twice this split.

Both laners have an important role to play in consort with their Junglers of how a game plays out. Niqsy and Blabber work well as a combined duo, while Svenskeren and Jiizuke develop the split push potential for EG.

Between the two, Jiizuke has a lot more to prove this season and must perform extremely well for EG to have a chance in the series.

Bjergsen vs PowerOfEvil

Bjergsen meets PowerOfEvil in a matchup that keeps adding to the long dueling history of these two veteran midlaners. The “Bjergsen’s Kryptonite” narrative is a little dated, as Beardsen has consistently bested PoE when it matters. This season however, PoE is pushing some serious numbers and Bjerg is no slouch as well.

While PowerOfEvil is a huge portion of his teams damage and instrumental in an overall sense for FlyQuest, Bjergsen is the clutch player whose plays decide the destiny of TSM in a series.

With both players instrumental for their teams in different ways, it will come down to which player performs better on the day. The ball however is heavily in Bjergesen’s court as this seasons TSM relies heavily on his clutch plays. If he doesn’t perform TSM loses, and who better to make him limp if not PoE.


The 2020 LCS Spring Split Playoffs Round 2 broadcasts will be available starting April 11th and 12th at 1PM PT at and ESPN2

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