Clash of Clans developer Supercell announces three new titles: First Look

Supercell’s Clash of Clans game has been a huge success since launch. It has become one of the biggest and most profitable mobile games, along with being featured at mobile esports events. The game has already spawned one other title, Clash Royale. However, three new Clash of Clans games have been announced. They will massively expand the series. Each of them is taking the Clash of Clans series into a new direction, and bringing a wider scope to the overall franchise.

Three New Clash of Clans Games

The three new Clash of Clans titles are all currently under development. Each is going to be taking the series into new territory, with a new genre and style of gameplay. While each game has been announced already, we probably won’t be seeing them release in the coming weeks. These are early announcements as far as mobile games go. These are the three clash of games games:

Clash Heroes

This is the last of the three new titles. It is coming from Supercell Shanghai, just like Clash Mini. This one is an action-adventure game with real time combat. You control Clash characters, fight enemies, complete missions, usual adventure stuff. It will be playable online however, which makes it a bit of a change.

When looking at esports/competitive potential, this title has the biggest. First, the game is made in Unreal Engine and based on how early in development it is, it can develop into an action adventure, plus feature arena battles or fully fledged moba-ish aspects if Supercell deem it necessary.

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Clash Quest

Clash Quest is a new turn based game coming out for mobile devices. This one is turn based, so action is a little slower. To suit this, it is an adventure game with heavy strategy and a reliance on tactics in gameplay. Players have to attack enemy bases, defeat troops, and use a grid-based combat system.

Clash Quest is a fun tactical entry which suits the mobile style of gameplay. This one probably won’t be following Clash Royale into being a competitive title though. Out of all three new Clash of Clans games though, this one is probably the most serious. The gameplay style looks the meatiest. It’s also the only one being developed by the main studio, so if you’re only looking at one of the new titles this might be the best choice.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini is the second of the three new Clash of Clans games. This one is a board game kind of thing! It has automatic combat, but has some strategy in how players move around. This game is actually being developed by a new studio too, Supercell Shanghai. Of course it is still part of Supercell, so this isn’t a major change.

Are the Three New Clash of Clans Games Competitive?

The three new Clash of Clans games all have a few things in common, but first is that they’re fun more casual looking spinoffs. They look like nice additions to the overall series. Players who enjoy the world of Clash of Clans are probably going to enjoy them. However, two out of the three are unlikely to join Clash Royale as a more competitive game. The one that stands out the most in this regard is Clash Heroes. However, it doesn’t look like the gameplay will be expanded to the competitive format anytime soon, especially considering how early in development it is. On the other hand, Clash Quest seems like the most fun out of the lot for casual players who just enjoy playing Supercell’s games.

These games look great for mobile games, really pushing what can be done on the hardware. Essentially we’re looking at a batch of polished spinoffs. For Clash of Clans fans, it’ll be a fun outing. If you’re just looking at the competition side of the franchise though, there might not be much for you here for awhile longer.