Thunder Awaken is the team to watch at BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas

Formerly known as Thunder Predator, team Thunder Awaken had more than just a name change since their entry into BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas. The South American squad spots the former NoPing e-sports roster and an undisputed victory at the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) South America.

Thunder Awaken acquires NoPing e-sports roster

Thunder Predator awakens with a premium roster

For starters, Thunder Predator was never a strong contender in the SA region, let alone the Internationals series. Their former line-up played together for three years but only won last place at TI10. Thumbs up for commitment but certainly not worth the investment.

After their TI10 upset, the powerhouse didn’t hesitate to sign NoPing e-sports’ line-up for the new season. NoPing wasn’t very established at the time of their signing, which is further deteriorated by the fact that they lost TI10 qualifiers to SG-Esports earlier. However, among fans who watched this team play in the WePlay AniMajor 2021, we knew NoPing had something going on.

The deal to sign NoPing’s roster was probably a bargain, which we can also assume that it is already a great return-on-investment (ROI) for Thunder Awaken. The name itself wasn’t a brand-new one either. In fact, it was their original name before they entered a partnership with the laptop brand, Acer Predator.

With their contract ended, Thunder Awaken merely reused its founding name. Although, considering the powerhouse’s fiery revival, “Thunder Awaken” fits their revolting theme going into the new DPC2021-22 season.

Betting on Thunder Awaken at BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas

After all that glorified praise, it goes without saying that Thunder Awaken is arguably one of the strongest candidates in BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas. However, several formidable opponents can give Thunder Awaken a run for their money, notably their brethren over at North America.

Let’s see how they match up versus their opponents.

Thunder Predator vs Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew is currently North America’s strongest yet still unsponsored team. Unlike most powerhouses recruiting young blood for their team, Quincy Crew stuck to prospering with their humble squad.

One exceptional player in the team, who’s also the team’s founder, is Quinn “Quinn” Callahan. The mid-player may not stand out as a prodigy but is easily a consistent and versatile player. He’s often independent in dealing with his lane, and recuperate quickly if he’s behind his opponents.

Earlier this season, Quincy Crew’s roster revamp left many fans worried about the team’s future. However, it seems like those worries were unnecessary for Quincy Crew is still a pillar in NA. As for Dota 2 odds, Quincy Crew does have slight leverage against Thunder Awaken. After all, we can’t overlook the fact that Quincy is the most seasoned team in BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas.

Thunder Awaken vs other prominent opponents

Meanwhile, 4 Zoomers and Infamous are arguably on par with Thunder Awaken, given the right circumstances. Thunder Awaken’s most notable trait is in their vast hero pool, which typically works against weaker opponents. So long as they kept the same fast-paced execution, no team could counter their niche picks.

Hence, it’s ineffective to attempt to counter-pick the lather excessively. Instead, Infamous and 4 Zoomers should stick to their playstyle, which is already viable in today’s meta. Perhaps even ban cheese picks that are absurd to play against. The odds will likely be in favor of Thunder Awaken against these teams, but only by a small margin.

Lastly, the other opponents that barely qualify for the group stage won’t pose much threat against the DPC2021-22 SA winner. Anyhow, this surely makes the BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas more entertaining with the fact that Thunder Awaken isn’t the strongest here. On the other hand, it’s good exposure for the rising SA star to play against what NA has to offer.