Dota 2 Ti10 South America Qualifiers Betting Analysis and Odds

South America was once an underrated Dota 2 region. The entire region garnered fame and reputation thanks to Thunder Predator and beastcoast, who rivaled other world-class teams and ultimately secured invites to TI through DPC 2021 points. With the regional qualifier, yet another slot is reserved for SA bringing the total to 3.

The International 10 (TI10)  qualifiers in South America have the same format as the EEU Qualifiers. Twelve teams are competing for only one TI10 slot, but we are already down to only six competitors remaining on the second day. Lets break down the final 6 matches and look at some Dota 2 odds.

Ti South America qualifier bracket

Wykrhm Reddy | @wykrhm

Several notable teams are still standing strong, namely NoPing e-sports, EgoBoys, Team Unknown, BINOMISTAS, Infinity and SG e-sports. Thus far, Infamous, Hokori, Interitus, Inverse, Omega Gaming and Latam Defenders have been eliminated.

TI10 South America Qualifier Favorites

The first team that comes to mind is NoPing e-sports, after their surprising performance at WePlay AniMajor. Although NoPing e-sports managed to secure a decent amount of Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) points, it wasn’t enough to secure them a top twelve finish on DPC rankings.

After their bombastic performance, it would be foolish to not favor NoPing e-sports to win the qualifiers. Yet, the team gave fans a massive heart attack when they flop their first upper bracket series. Losing to Infinity in a tight 1-2 series, NoPing dropped to the lower bracket, where elimination is just a match away. While the strong contender is still up and running, their next series versus EgoBoys is a risky game yet. NoPing, SG e-sports is holding up well and beyond our expectations. Despite their poor showing in DPC 2021, SG e-sports is just a game away from becoming the first finalist of TI10 South America qualifiers. Of course, the Brazillian squad has noteworthy veterans in their roster, such as Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel and Adriano de Paula “4dr” Machado.

Here are the upcoming matches for June 25th and my predictions.

EgoBoys vs NoPing e-sports

It’s probably going to be one of those matches where NoPing e-sports breezes past. Well, at least that’s the expectation from fans. We have seen how NoPing e-sports became a formidable threat when facing the North American giants, Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew.

Along with winning OGA DPC South America S2, they built up their confidence as a strong SA contender globally. Hence, it’s without much doubt that we can expect NoPing e-sports to nail this match. As such, the odds are also in favor of NoPing e-sports at x1.12 versus EgoBoys at x5.81 returns. Having such low odds prompts us to look at alternative markets.

Neither EgoBoys nor NoPing are aggressive and bloodthirsty in their games. Going for under 46.5 kills in the first map gets us a solid, x2.43 return over at GG.BET.

Team Unknown vs BINOMISTAS

Looking at the other lower bracket series, Team Unknown and BINOMISTAS is an exciting match-up to consider. On one side, Team Unknown was an Upper Division team who did secure some DPC points.

Meanwhile, BINOMISTAS has laid low in the Lower Division bracket and secured top-two finishes too. As if that wasn’t enough to validate their potential, they also defeated Infamous yesterday, one of the more familiar teams in the region. Hence, we can very reasonably expect an even match coming from BINOMISTAS and perhaps upsetting Team Unknown altogether. Regardless, Team Unknown is still the more favorable team in terms of odds.

Unknown are anticipated to win at x1.24 versus BINOMISTAS at x3.87 odds. Ideally, you would go for a 2:0 correct score selection here at x1.94.

Infinity vs SG e-sports

Lastly, the upper bracket series to determine the first grand finalist for TI10 South America Qualifiers. To kick things off, SG e-sports is, of course, the favorites here. However, Infinity hasn’t been holding back too, especially in their match versus NoPing, overwhelming the DPC 2021 candidate.

Furthermore, the fact that Infinity made it thus far is a telltale sign of a successful Peruvian team. If Infinity does make it into the finals and ultimately winning it the qualifiers too, this would mean that we have three Peruvian teams at the International 10.

As for SG e-sports, they are veterans, and that’s something they have going for them. But observing how wild SA Dota can be, it could really be anyone’s game at this level of Dota 2. Hence, do expect both teams to share relatively even odds. Infinity has an x1.88 odds to bag the win, while SG e-sports has slightly less decimals to brag about their x1.85 odds.

Honestly, this match could be a coin toss. I’d go ahead and put my faith in SG e-sports in delivering a win here.

It has been an overwhelmingly great year for South American teams, especially with the attention and support they have been getting. Just what the massive region needs to nurture the Dota 2 scene too. We believe that we speak for the SA Dota fans when we say that we can’t wait for them to overthrow the powerhouses at TI10. Whether it’s Team Secret, PSG.LGD or as their opponents, it will always be eye candy to watch them get upset by our SA underdogs.

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