TI11 Singapore Travel Guide, Accommodation, Navigation, and Tickets

This year’s International 11 (TI11) takes place in Singapore, often dubbed the Lion City. It is among the most prosperous Southeast Asian countries, with its only caveat being its lack of land.

Nevertheless, TI11 being held in Singapore is an opportunity of the lifetime for many Asian Dota 2 fans given the country’s affordable food, accommodation, and easy navigation. Meanwhile, it’s likely many westerners’ first time in Singapore, so this TI11 travel guide will surely be worth reading.

Ti Singapore Travel

TI11 Tickets Purchase

Before scheduling your flights, ensure that you manage to purchase tickets to the Singapore Indoor Stadium, where the stage sets. Note that the Playoffs will be held at SunTec Singapore on October 20-23, while the Grand Finals are in the Singapore Indoor Stadium on October 29-30.

Ticket prices are as followed:

Initial Playoffs stage ticket prices were $88 SGD ($64 USD) per day, or $352 SGD ($255 USD) for all four days. For the Finals ticket prices were $361 USD for both days. However, scalpers bought out most of the tickets on opening buy, and are now marking basic ticket prices up to $1200-$1500 for a single day entry.

Ti11 Tickets Scalpers

While tickets are likely limited and pricey (max capacity of 15,000), look forward to outdoor viewing, where the stadium may set up a cinema-sized screen outdoors for the audience to watch. As per past TI locations, this was the practice after all, so hopefully, we get something similar.

Anyways, if you missed the tickets or just didn’t have plans to fly to Singapore, the Dota 2 TI Twitch channel is always a good alternative to watching TI11 live alongside other fellow Twitch viewers.

Accommodation around Singapore for The International

Once you got your hands on TI11 tickets, accommodations and hotels are relatively accessible. You will find hotels as near as 1.2km away from the stadium, such as the [email protected]. It’s one of those sci-fi concept capsule hotels, where each person gets a pod to sleep in. Certainly not an ideal hotel if you are into having privacy since baths and lounge area are public. But it’s the price is a bargain, especially at SGD12 per day for each person.

The only caveat is that there is a scheduled check-out time, so everyone has to leave their pods before noon.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

For tourists who want to enjoy the fanciest of a 5-star hotel, Mandarin Oriental Singapore is a classic and reputable place to stay the night. At approximately SGD600 per night for two guests, it will surely be of great comfort. While not within walking distance to the stadium (5.5km), the train transit service can get you there in 22 minutes.

Carlton Hotel Singapore

5-star hotels may be slightly over the budget for many or perhaps you would like to splurge your travel budget on food instead. Carlton Hotel is an adequately-priced hotel with the typical accommodations you have expected from a decent hotel.

Besides having a room to yourself, you can use the gym, swimming pool, and even room service for only SGD220 per two-person room.

Pro Tip: Try AIRBNB and other booking options

Our curated list of hotels may not be much to look at, so consider checking out more accommodations on both Booking.com and Airbnb. In most searches, you might just find a better offer for hotels, so definitely compare your options to get the best out of your trip.

Transportation around Singapore

A good reason why hotel locations aren’t a major concern in Singapore is because of its reliable transit system, which has routes to the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It’s affordable, that’s for sure, and Singapore isn’t a vast open land, where travel takes hours anyways.

Nonetheless, you can skip the complexity of navigating around the transits by just using the e-hailing app, Grab. By turning on your GPS for your location and setting your destination to the stadium, the app will calculate the fare before you book your car ride.

Grab Singapore

If you do stay close to the stadium, consider renting a bike to enjoy the scenery and vacation spirit of Singapore tourism.

Singapore’s largest airport, the Changi Airport is not your average rundown airport as it serves as a 24-hour entertainment mall too. Arrive here during the day, and we highly recommend you to walk around the airport for its unique services, entertainment, and even a shopping mall for early splurges.

Food around Singapore

While there’s always a debacle around which SEA country has the most scrumptious delicacies, Singapore is a clear winner when it comes to chicken rice and the chili crab. Food is affordable, even in popular restaurant spots, but don’t miss the street food and nightlife in Singapore.

You can very often find street foods past midnight, so be sure to check Google Maps for nearby foodie spots. Speaking of convenience, 7-Eleven and Family Mart are your go-to places, and these convenience stores also offer snacks and even proper meals too.

Food Singapore

Potential Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

As the pandemic settles down around the world, Singapore is among the first countries to open its gates to tourists. Nevertheless, various health safety precautions are still in place, but it’s definitely hassle-free.

Tourists arriving in Singapore must be fully vaccinated with a World Health Organization EUL vaccine, and be prepared to show proof of vaccination document. Covid-19 tests are not compulsory before departure for Singapore but are highly recommended for a cheap saliva test.

While there are no quarantine or Covid-19 testing measures, tourists are expected to comply with the TraceTogether mobile app as a health measure. The app is used for contact tracing in case of cases in which you may be affected.

Lastly, check whether you are a citizen of a country that requires entry visa into Singapore too.

In hindsight, TI11 Singapore is the perfect location to host this year’s Dota 2 championship, and the travel restrictions aren’t too severe these days. Additionally, Singapore adopts English as one of its native languages, so it’s generally tourist-friendly.