Top DPS Classes in WoW WotLK Classic Phase 1

It has been a month since Wrath of the Lich King Classic was released, which means that there is more than enough data to determine what classes are the best-performing ones in the form of DPS in Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, and Eye of Eternity.

Best by far – Warlock and Death Knight

Even with the WotLK pre-patch, WoW classic server population rapidly increased across all regions with a huge income of Death Knights. There are two factors why that was the case. The first one is the obvious one, the fact that they are a brand new class in WoW Classic, and the second one is the fact that everyone knows they were incredibly strong in WotLK.


Image Credit | Felbite

However, even if Unholy DKs have proven to be incredibly effective, there is a class that is still better in terms of DPS, the Warlock. While Demo Warlock is the best DPS in Phase 1, Affliction Warlock is taking the third spot right after the Unholy DK, and on certain encounters, it is outperforming them due to the power of spreading dots with ease.

When it comes to scores on, Demonology Warlock has a score of 108, Unholy Death Knight 107, and Affliction Warlock 106.

Mid Tier – Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Druid, Hunter, even Shadow Priest

When it comes to the majority of the remaining classes, their performance is more or less the same, and it usually depends on the encounter. In the fourth spot, there is the Assassination Rogue with a score of 104, followed by Enhancement Shaman with 102, and then the other good Rogue spec, Combat, with 102.

From there on, the classes perform as follows:

  • Frost Death Knight – 101
  • Arcane Mage -100
  • Balance Druid – 100
  • Survival Hunter – 99
  • Destruction Warlock – 98
  • Fire Mage – 97
  • Elemental Shaman – 95
  • Marksmanship Hunter – 94
  • Shadow Priest – 94
  • Feral Druid – 91

As you can see, pretty much everything under the score of 100 in Phase one is a class that highly relies on certain stats, and while they might not be performing the best now, as the gear gets better, the DPS will come with it.

Waiting for the late game – Paladin and Warrior

While we could have put Feral Druid into this same batch, they are still performing significantly better even in Phase 1, mostly because Druid’s bleeds are not that dependent on armor penetration.

However, when it comes to the Fury Warrior and Retribution Paladin, all we can say is that they just need a bit more time to scale, and at the moment, they are not that good, as their scores are 85 and 84.

Stick to PvP with this one

When it comes to WoW esports in 2022, in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, you will be seeing a lot of Frost Mages, Arms Warriors, and Subtlety Rogues dominating the Arena throughout the expansion. While you can play these specializations as a DPS in raids, you will often find yourself at the bottom of the damage meters and sometimes maybe under the tanks too. If you enjoy playing these specs, you should dominate in PvP instead.

Not in the mood to play? Heroic + will have your back!

Some of you might find yourselves in the position where you just do not feel like playing the game if you happened to roll a Fury Warrior or a Retribution Paladin, and we definitely feel you. If you managed to clear out the raids and grab all the achievements you are looking for, take a break, and enjoy the Dragonflight pre-patch.

Then, return in Phase 2 to pick up the BIS gear you are missing from Heroic+ dungeons and 10-man raids so you can enjoy the huge DPS increase that buffed Ulduar gear is going to bring.