TSM become NA Valorant kings at the FaZe Clan Invitational

The TSM Valorant team may have edged themselves out as the best team in North America this weekend. They competed along with some other major teams in the FaZe Invitational as part of the Ignition Series Tournaments. As one of the early tests for Valorant’s growing Esports scene, TSM is definitely pushing themselves ahead to be one of the best Valorant teams. If you’re betting on Valorant, TSM is now the team to look at.

The Ignition Series is one of the biggest events held for Valorant so far. The pull of this event was strong as the tournament was the most-watched finals in the Ignition Series. the invitational game might have been the biggest yet, with a $50,000 prize pool available. The final match pitted the TSM Valorant team against Sentinels, in what has been hailed by some fans as the best Valorant match ever.

The Ignition Series FaZe Clan Tournament

The FaZe Clan Invitational was an event held as part of the Valorant Ignition Series. This is a series of tournaments that are organized in collaboration with Riot Games, fleshing out the game’s competitive scene. The FaZe invitational was the biggest event in quite a while. While an Oceanic Open and a Japanese tournament have been held, this is the biggest event in a while for North America.

The tournament was held over the course of group stages, followed by the top two teams from each group advancing to playoffs. From there, they competed in an elimination bracket. Immortals and Gen.G came in third and fourth respectively. However, all eyes were on the final match between TSM and Sentinels. The TSM Valorant team has been a stand-out squad so far. However, Sentinels are a fan favorite team with a roster of players that hail from the top of other competitive games. Their squad includes Sinatraa, one of the best Overwatch players of all time and several Counter-Strike legends. This combination of teams led to a must-see finale for the tournament. 

TSM Valorant Team Vs Sentinels in the Final 

The final match was one of the most advanced seen so far in Valorant. ShahZam managed to rack up a 1.63 K/D/A ratio over the course of the early game, and get 14 first blood kills. This was a great performance. Ultimately though, stand out players couldn’t compare up with the TSM Valorant team’s group effort. The players functioned as a completely cohesive group, working together to pull off high-level plays and dominate the match.


The final was by no means one-sided. Sentinels made it clear that they are very much a team to be taken seriously in Valorant. The game saw plays and movements that really push what we think of as the standard for play in competitive Valorant. While the TSM Valorant team came out ahead, both teams had a great showing over the course of the game.

This kind of action is making Valorant one of the most entertaining games to watch at the moment.

Although the competitive scene is still growing, TSM have found their new traditional rival and kicked off a Valorant rivalry already. The amount of teams in competitive Valorant is growing daily however, we can soon expect their traditional rivals like Cloud9 and Team Liquid to elevate their game as well.

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