TSM, EG or Quincy Crew – Who will remain unrivaled in DPC NA Tour 2?

There are currently three pillar teams for Dota 2 in North American Dota 2. Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew, of course, need no introduction given their accomplishments, yet TeamSoloMid stands out among these titans since the Dota Pro Circuit began.

One of the three has to sacrifice their undefeated spree this week, who will it be?

Jonathan Bryle “Bryle” Santos De Guia

TeamSoloMid’s road to supremacy in DPC NA Tour 2

Formerly known as Team Undying, the North American vigilante squad led by David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang, had only one objective in mind, to qualify for the International 10 (TI10). That goal seems easily achieved, given TSM’s standing as the top three in the NA scene, often going neck-to-neck with EG. However, settling for last place at TI10 was the furthest this amateur NA squad got, and NA fans begin to believe TSM’s past achievements were merely flukes.

The DPC NA Tour 1 came, and TSM is once again aiming for the next big thing after TI, the Majors. They managed to become first runner-up in Division 1 of DPC NA Tour 1, still losing to EG despite the latter’s third-place finish. However, they managed to redeem themselves after a gruesome battle against EG in DPC NA Regional Finals.

TSM vs 4 Zoomers this week

TSM is the biggest favorite in DPC NA Tour 2 right now for good reasons. Hence, 4 Zoomers is already at a massive disadvantage here for their lack of accomplishments since the last Tour. Couple that with its unimpressive 1-3 on the scoreboard, 4 Zoomers are the oddballs out of the mentioned NA candidates. We certainly won’t recommend siding 4 Zoomers in hopes of an upset, considering 4 Zoomers’ unviable drafts.

The Dota 2 odds are in favor of TSM to win at x1.23 versus 4 Zoomers at x3.97 returns. However, neutral betting markets are a good alternative in this one-sided match, such as betting on the Total Maps to be under 2.5, returning x1.58 odds. Another decent bet is on the Total Kills to be under 49.5 kills, rewarding x2.4 odds because it would likely be a quick win from TSM. Speaking of quick rounds, expect each map to only last less than 34.5 minutes at x1.88 odds.

Evil Geniuses celebrates unbroken winstreak

EG just can’t catch a break off its pessimistic fanbase after their blunder in the last DPC NA Tour. Just when EG thought that its fans will appreciate their favorite NA powerhouse sharing their clean record in DPC NA Tour 2, fans are quick to fire back at the page to not brag about winning against amateur opponents.

Undeniably, the fans aren’t wrong for their judgment since EG hasn’t faced the biggest threats in DPC NA yet. Namely, TSM and Quincy Crew are going to be EG’s last hurrah to deliver successfully if they want to be acknowledged by its fans.

Quincy Crew’s steady presence in DPC NA

Quincy Crew is among the top three in DPC NA Tour 2 but doesn’t have any sponsor to call themselves a powerhouse. That said, Quincy Crew has done phenomenally to remain relevant post-TI10, despite undergoing a roster shuffle.

Nevertheless, the founding members, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan are the footholds of Quincy Crew’s success. The duo has remained faithful since Quincy Crew was founded, making Quincy Crew a team worth watching in DPC NA Tour 2.

Evil Geniuses vs Quincy Crew

On paper, both teams shine in terms of team execution, potential, and drafts. However, EG has historically defeated Quincy Crew in most attempts, so we can assume that the odds will likely favor EG. Surely enough, the odds on EG are at x1.53 versus Quincy Crew at x2.43 returns.

Now, if you aren’t a fan of Kanishka “BuLba” Sosale’s drafts, Quincy Crew isn’t a too shabby combo for a betting slip. For instance, betting on the Correct Score to be 1:2 in favor of EG can still rake you x3.25 odds. Couple that with Total Maps to be over 2.5, and one can rake x1.99 off this combo.

Neutral betting markets are typically worthwhile, especially for Map Duration to be under 36.5 minutes, raking x1.72 in profit. The Total Kills per map can be well under 50.5 kills, or x2.25 return because we can anticipate an even showdown between the two.

Betting on in-game outcomes, such as on EG to get First Blood will return x1.8 odds or Kill First Roshan at x1.69 can be very interactive for eager viewers. As a cherry on top, betting on Quincy Crew to get the First Tower can rake x1.75 returns.

The fourth week at DPC NA Tour 2 will finally break one of the three pillars’ winning streak thus far. However, perhaps the concern that everybody has is how EG intends on overwhelming Quincy Crew without picking Storm Spirit for Abed Azel L. Yusop again.

Regardless, the DPC NA Tour 2 matches are set for another three weeks, so check out the curated Esports bookmaker, GG.BET for exclusive odds.