TSM or EG – Which is the powerhouse in DPC NA Tour 2?

The North American region is comically known for its unsustainable Dota 2 competitive scene. Given the heavy gatekeeping practice here, it’s unsurprising that even NA powerhouses venture into other regions. However, the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) has seen the rise of many promising teams that rival Evil Geniuses.

In late January 2022, TeamSoloMid emerges as the latest addition of Esports orgs in NA Dota by signing Team Undying.

Sloppy run or actually challenged?

EG was among the many teams that revamped their roster after the International 10 (TI10). Despite the change, EG stayed true to their preference in recruiting high-profile prodigies, regardless of their region. The initial impression was the biggest surprise for Dota 2 fans as it came with the return of Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka. Alongside, was the golden boy from the Eastern European scene, Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko.

However, the flashy roster did not live up to everyone’s expectations, especially during the early weeks at DPC2021-22 NA Tour 1.

EG’s arch nemesis, TeamSoloMid

TSM garnered attention after winning the DPC NA Regional Finals last tour by defeating EG. It was a hard-fought battle between two finalists, and the odds were against TSM. After all, sure EG did have several mishaps in DPC NA Tour 1, such as losing to Wildcard Gaming and BlackNYellow. However, they remained undefeated among the top candidates in that bracket, overwhelming TSM, Quincy Crew, and 4 Zoomers alike.

Therefore, while EG wasn’t in their prime at DPC2021-22, it’s more so a phenomenal feat for David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang and his stack. Well, granted that TSM’s decision to sign them contributed to TSM’s succession as among the most anticipated teams for Stockholm Major.

TeamSoloMid are the DPC NA Regional Finals winners

Of course, many fans still do not see TSM as the prominent party of the two, and even called TSM’s win a fluke. Agreeably, the grand finals at DPC NA Regional Finals were too close for comfort, even for an underdog fan. Perhaps EG also felt the same way, which brings us to the much-awaited rematch between EG and TSM.

Unfortunately, we won’t get that match-up until the fifth week of DPC NA Tour 2 according to the week 1-4 schedule.

Key Matches to open DPC2021-22 NA Tour 2

Evil Geniuses vs The Cut / Wildcard Gaming

The first week of matches is mostly big boys versus amateur clubs. For instance, EG vs a recently promoted candidate from Division 2, The Cut.

For starters, The Cut swept the competition in Division 2, so that accomplishment alone justifies their participation in Division 1. Their playstyle, however, lack personality as they were very meta-oriented. Hence, it’s unlikely that The Cut will pose any threat to EG because they have long solidified its team formation.

The same can be said for Wildcard Gaming too. However, WG is one of the few teams to ever snatch a series from EG. A win for EG this match will be what EG is looking for, much like Team Secret’s redemption period at DPC WEU Tour 2.

However, EG is undeniably a stronger entity since their blunderful Tour 1 days. They had ample time for intense bootcamping, and even longer for JerAx to regain his skills after his year-long hiatus. If anything, these uninteresting matches serve as preliminary rounds to judge where EG stands.

TeamSoloMid vs Team DogChamp

Speaking of interesting matches, TSM being the defending champions from last Tour is the latest fan favorite. However, they are up against a mediocre opponent, which they are unlikely to lose.

Regardless, fans are still eagerly waiting to watch TSM’s debut in DPC NA Tour 2. TSM has no shortage of impactful playmakers, who can utilize flashy heroes, such as Storm Spirit. Or their cheesy hero drafts, such as Lycan and Broodmother.

In hindsight, TSM has matured drafting capabilities and the right players to pull off such execution. We might even go as far as to praise TSM on this being a differentiator against EG, who has recently been so conservative with their drafts.

Ultimately, we are aching to watch TSM and EG brawl it out once more at DPC NA Tour 2. Of course, not to exclude Quincy Crew and 4 Zoomers, that make up the formidable rivalry in North America’s competitive scene. Catch the thrills of DPC NA Tour 2 action on March 15, and immerse yourself in Dota 2 betting. Curated Esports bookmakers offer enticing Esports bonuses, exclusively for new players, so be sure to snatch the deal.