Valorant Champions 2021 – Groups Analysis and Match Predictions

The Valorant Champions Tour is the premier series of events for Valorant, and its final event is going to be kicking off very soon. Events have been running for the tour all year, but things are narrowing down to the finals at this point. Let’s get a look at the Valorant Champions 2021 tournament, the final event for the year, and find the best team out of the Valorant Champions 2021 Groups.

The format and groups have been detailed in full, and the event is due to kick off on December 1st. This is how the groups are shaping up, and our analysis for the opening matches.

Vision Strikers

Lee “k1Ng” Seung-won | Vision Strikers

VCT Champions 2021 Groups

The VCT Champions 2021 groups are being pulled together from the placement achieved by teams over the Valorant Champions Tour events, and the weighted strength of their regions in the bigger events. The tournament is going to have four groups of four teams. Only two teams from these groups will make their way into the final bracket for the event. The way these teams are grouped up will decide which teams get through. These are how they shape up for the event:

Group A

  • Acend
  • Team Envy
  • Vivo Keyd
  • X10 Esports

Group B

  • Sentinels
  • Team Liquid
  • KRU Esports

Group C

  • Gambit
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • Team Secret
  • Team Vikings

Group D

  • Vision Strikers
  • Fnatic
  • Cloud9
  • Full Sense

These groups are fairly well balanced with the team’s past performance. Acend and Team Envy in Group A looks fairly close. Alongside Vision Strikers and Fnatic in Group D. Obviously with the best teams in competition, there are going to be a few crowded groups in this stage. However, there are a few matchups here that already look like great Valorant betting selections.

Valorant Champions 2021 Match Predictions

The initial group stage will be running through to December 7th. Each group of four is competing against each other in a double-elimination format.  Matches are best of 3. It begins with two qualifying matches, followed by a winners’ match, an elimination match, then a decider match between the remaining teams. The top two teams will proceed forward from this stage.

The initial group stage matches are listed below, paired with our selection of matches breakdown.

VCT Champions 2021

VCT Champions Groups

  • Group A features two heavy favorites in Acend and Envy. We will likely see them as the two teams advancing forward, leaving only their head2head duel as an unknown. Taking both Masters Berlin and regional events into consideration, Envy should be favored to come out as the top seed and Acend to fight X10 Esports for the #2nd seed spot.
  • Group B is reserved for Team Liquid and Sentinels as the likely teams to advance. After winning their opening duels, Sentinels is expected to come out as the first seed, while FURIA battles Team Liquid for the 2nd seed entry.
  • Group C is all about Gambit. The CIS squad is by far the best team in this group, while the 2nd seed is a toss-up between the three remaining teams. I am not confident to make predictions here except for Gambit winning their opening duel.
  • Group D will likely see Fnatic and Cloud9 both make it out of the Group after their opener goes the way of Fnatic. We doubt either Vision Strikers or Full Sense can challenge either of these two teams, but the luck of the draw has them fight in the opener meaning we are in for a messy bracket. Between VS and Full Sense, Vision Strikers are favored.

Based on our analysis your opening day bet slip should look like this:

Vision Strikers vs FULL SENSEVision Strikers to win 2:0@ 1.70
KRÜ Esports vs Team LiquidTeam Liquid to win 2:0@ 1.46
Fnatic vs Cloud9 BlueFnatic to win@ 2.54
Team Envy vs X10 EsportsTeam Envy to win 2:0@ 1.36
Acend vs Keyd StarsAcend to win 2:0@ 1.56
Sentinels vs FURIASentinels to win 2:0@ 1.41
Gambit vs Team SecretGambit to win 2:0@ 1.21

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