Major 1.14 Patch Changes, Skins Leaked & Night Market | Valorant Weekly

Sage’s wall

As mentioned in last week’s edition of Valorant weekly, Riot has confirmed the change that prevents Sage from placing her wall in the buy / barrier phase is here to stay. However, to compensated, the wall will no longer deteriorate overtime once fully fortified (will only rapidly weaken a few seconds before its expiry time). While it is unlikely this buff will restore Sage to her former glory, at least Sage’s wall can stall for slightly longer against enemy rotations.

Massive changes to Icebox

Icebox is without the doubt Valorant’s most hated map given the presence an overwhelming amount of angles and elevation. Hearing the cries of the community, developers have made some adjustments to Icebox to make it more enjoyable for all. Four of the five changes are concentrated on the A bombsite. They week to make it easier for attacking teams to infiltrate, and for defending teams to retake in the post plant.

Valorant PAtch 1.14 Icebox

© Riot Games

Valorant PAtch 1.14 Icebox changes

© Riot Games

New Snowball Fight mode to arrive on the 15th of December

As Christmas approaches, Riot has introduced a new temporary game mode, Snowball Fight. The new mode will last for two weeks from the 15th to 29th of December. For the first week, there will only be a single custom Icebox map. However, in week 2, all maps will be introduced in the Snowball Fight map rotation.

Snowball Fight Mode details:

  • 5 v 5 Team Deathmatch
  • First to 50 kills win
  • Fire with a snowball launcher (snowball travels in an arc like Brim Molotov)
  • Collect random powerups that spawn throughout the map

Upcoming 2021 skins leaked

Valorant has released its fair share of cosmetic content lately with 26 different skin lines to date. In a Riot post, developers revealed plans to increase efforts in developing melee variants, something that had been put on hold in 2020 due to insufficient staffing / resources.

Recently however, the new “Winterwunderland” melee was released with three other variant colours. While the variant’s differentiation are simply the stripe colours, at least Riot has taken steps to put melee variants, as after all, they are the most expensive individual item.

Upcoming skins for 2021 have been teased, namely the; Outpost, Aerosol, and Infinity skinlines. More specifically, pictures show a fancy new gun buddy, a new yellow judge skin, a graffiti themed operator skin and a more mellow pink phantom skin.

Valorant 2021 Skins LEeAked

© Riot Games

Valorant 2021 Skins LEeAked weapons

© Riot Games

Valorant Night Market

The new Valorant Night Market system will work similar to the “Your Shop” system in League of Legends. There will be six cards, clicking on them will reveal the card with a random skin and random discount applied (within a reasonable range). While it is unknown how often the Night Market system will reset, overall, the addition will make skins more affordable, especially if you roll a skin you would purchase normally anyway.

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